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Nutrition and MS

Featuring: Denise Nowack

This video provides information on maintaining general good health and following the recommendation of MS specialists that people with MS adhere to the same low-fat, high-fiber diet that’s recommended for the general population.

  1. Personal Insights and Tools for Coping with MS, Part 4 (video)

    This four-part series on coping with MS includes perspectives from people living with MS and conversations with Cathy-Lee Benbow who will discuss coping techniques and strategies.

  2. Programs & Services for the Whole Family (video)

    This video discusses MS support programs and services for the whole family.

  3. Self-Catheterization and MS (video)

    This video features Mary Hughes, MD, who answers a viewer's question about self-catheterization and multiple sclerosis.

  4. Shift in Doctor : Patient Relationship (video)

    Supplement to 2013 North American Education Program- Making Treatment and Lifestyle Decisions: Thinking About Benefits and Risks

  5. Uncontrollable Laughing and Crying (video)

    This video features a discussion with Sarah Minden, MD, who discusses pseudobulbar affect, or uncontrollable laughing and crying, in people with multiple sclerosis.

  6. Veterans Administration MS Centers of Excellence (video)

    This video features a discussion with Jodie Haselkorn, MD, Christopher Bever, MD, and Gary Herarro, PT, who talk about the Veterans Administration MS Centers of Excellence.

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