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Resilience: Addressing the Challenges of MS


Resilience and MS

People living with multiple sclerosis and their families may find that the physical, emotional, cognitive, psychological and spiritual challenges of living with the disease can be overwhelming. Some may feel that the challenges of living with a chronic disease are very hard to face day after day. But many people living with chronic diseases, including MS, have learned that practicing behaviors that promote resilience is the secret to not just coping with the disease, but thriving with it. Resilience helps create a mindset of growth and opportunities, of seeing obstacles as challenges rather than threats.
Some people have a natural tendency to be resilient. It’s part of their makeup to be optimistic and to look for solutions to problems. But even if that’s not the case for you, strategies to build resilience can be learned and practiced.
Dawnia Baynes- Resilience

Dawnia Baynes

diagnosed with MS in 2006
“It’s about bouncing back up and finding ways to adjust your life … pushing forward regardless of what’s going on. Part of being resilient is speaking up for yourself when you need to, and asking people for things that you need, and fighting for them.”
Chuck Curry- Resilience

Chuck Curry

diagnosed with MS in 2003
"I think resilience is like a muscle, and that you become more resilient by having the muscle exercised—by having challenges in your life. Resilience has characteristics of both strength and flexibility.”
Lauren Hansen- Resilience

Lauren Hansen

diagnosed with MS in 2002
“I think resilience is that ability to really bounce back from situations, to take what’s handed to you and to be able to make the best of it, and continue on with who you are as a person.”
Michael Ogg- Resilience

Michael Ogg

diagnosed with MS in 1997
"Whatever life throws at you, you just find a way to get through it. And you just don’t let it get you down—because there’s always something more. However bad you might feel on a particular day, there’s always something worth living for.”
Rachel Padgett- Resilience

Rachel Padgett

diagnosed with MS in 1993
“I never want this [disease] to stop me from doing anything. And I have learned, in making that promise to myself, that there are lots of different ways to do things.”
Watch Now

Resilience: Addressing the Challenges of MS

Many people living with chronic diseases, including MS, have learned that practicing behaviors that promote resilience is the secret to not just coping with the disease, but thriving with it. Hear discussions from clinicians and researchers at the forefront of resilience theory, as well as from individuals who have learned to become more resilient when facing MS as well as the ongoing challenges of everyday life. A copy of the DVD can be requested by calling an MS Navigator at 1-800-344-4867.  The DVD comes with Spanish subtitles and language track. 

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