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Pediatric MS Support Network


Children and teens with MS: a network for families

All parents wish for their children to be healthy and happy — to have lives without discomfort or loss — and hope to be able to protect them and keep them from harm. Although your child has been diagnosed with MS, your mission remains the same, and the National MS Society is committed to helping you ensure the very best for your daughter or son. 

Whether your child’s diagnosis is relatively new, or you have been searching for answers for quite some time, the words “multiple sclerosis” can be very frightening.  It is important to remember that: 
  • You are not alone — there are both social and clinical networks to support your child and your family
  • MS is not fatal — most people with MS have a normal or near-normal life expectancy
  • Each person’s experience with MS is different
  • This is a hopeful time. While the cause of MS is unknown and there isn’t a cure yet, there are treatments available, and an increasing number of clinicians and researchers have taken a specific interest in better understanding diagnosis and treatment of children with MS and related disorders.

Get answers to your questions here:

Managing School-Related Issues: A Guide for Parents with a Child or Teen Living with MS

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Connect with other families

Connect with other parents and teens through two online groups where you can share concerns and information:


Alie's Fund for Children with MS

Alie’s Fund for Children with MS provides funds to support children, teens and young adults ages 2-22 who live with MS. These funds will help defer medical and educational costs, counseling and other needed services to ensure a brighter future for those impacted by MS.

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Learn more

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