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Partners in MS Care

The National MS Society’s Partners in MS Care program involves healthcare professionals in the areas of neurology, mental health and rehabilitation. Healthcare professionals recognized as Partners in MS Care:

  • demonstrate knowledge and experience in MS care,
  • have a special interest in treating people living with MS, and
  • work closely with the Society.

Learn more and find your Partner in MS Care.

Providers for U.S. veterans with MS

The Veterans Administration (VA) provides healthcare services to veterans with MS through a system of approximately 70 regional MS specialty clinics throughout the US. You can receive MS care, whether your MS status is considered service-connected or not. Find a VA clinic or MS Center of Excellence below.

The Department of Veteran Affairs runs a monthly support and education conference call for care partners of veterans with MS. In addition to time for networking and sharing of experiences, educational topics and resources are discussed. Learn about this and other care partner resources on the VA website.

Learn more about available resources for veterans with MS.

Providers for children & teens with MS

The Network of Pediatric MS Centers serve children under the age of 18 with symptoms or a diagnosis of any central nervous system demyelinating disorder.  These Centers are also engaged in research to better understand the causes of MS and to determine the optimal treatment approaches for children with MS.


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