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My Life, My MS, My Decisions


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My Life, My MS, My Decisions is a series of online classes that will help you boost your decision-making power.

It’s your MS and it’s your medical care but sometimes it can feel like other people are making your decisions for you. These classes keep you in the driver's seat.

  • Be an active member of your healthcare team
  • Understand your doctor’s medication recommendations
  • Improve your health and well-being
  • Articulate the reasoning behind your decisions
  • Improve communication with your healthcare providers
  • Use sound reasoning to make decisions about your health
  • Decide whether participation in a clinical trial is right for you

My Life, My MS, My Decisions classes

Teaming Up with Your Healthcare Providers — 2 hours
As the first segment of My Life, My MS, My Decisions, this course focuses on communicating and working with your healthcare team. A good relationship with your healthcare providers is the basis for all of the medical decisions you will have to make.

Navigating the Medication Maze — 4 hours
In this course, you will learn about some of the available medications and why doctors choose to prescribe them. You will also get a chance to practice analyzing the risks/adverse effects and benefits of medications, accounting for things such as medication side effects and costs. You will have the opportunity to use a decision map to help you objectively review information and reach some conclusions about which medications might be best for you.

Considering Clinical Trials — 3 hours
Many people diagnosed with MS are interested in participating in a clinical trial for a variety of reasons. However, before you make such a big decision, you should be familiar with how clinical trials work, how people with MS are selected for participation, and what you can expect if you are accepted into a clinical trial.

Achieving Optimal Wellness — 3 hours
As the last segment in the My Life, My MS, My Decisions series, this course presents wellness from a holistic point of view, not just exercise and diet. Success in achieving a goal will help you go on to achieve others, taking you beyond the limitations MS may try to impose and empowering you to achieve balance in all areas of your life — physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social.

Other online classes

Intimacy:  Enriching Your Relationship — 4 hours
Intimacy and sexuality are sensitive issues for most people, but when you or someone you love has MS, there may be even more complications. It helps to know that there are ways you can manage problems and improve communication and you can do that through the interactive scenarios and worksheets included throughout the course.

Adapting:  Financial Planning for a Life with MS…Together — 3 hours
A large part of navigating MS is managing your money and planning wisely for your future and it’s never too early to begin evaluating your income, assets, debts, benefits, and other resources. This course provides information and strategies to help couples (and families) plan wisely for the future and meet financial challenges that often accompany life with MS.

Career Decisions: Relationship Matters — 4 hours
Living with MS is about transition, but with knowledge, you can find a path where you can continue to demonstrate your experience, talent, and passion. This class focuses on the person with MS, but emphasizes the experience a couple may face when dealing with these life-changing decisions together.



My Life, My MS, My Decision

This video follows three people living MS as they make decisions about choosing doctors, deciding on medications, participating in clinical trials, and wellness. Order a DVD copy by calling 1-800-344-4867.