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Help Bring MS Medications Into Reach


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What can I do right now?

  • Join the MS Activist Network to prepare for future outreach to elected officials.
  • The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER) released a Draft Evidence Report assessing the comparative clinical effectiveness and value of disease-modifying therapies for RRMS and PPMS. ICER assesses the value of medications by considering price, how well a medication works compared to others, quality adjusted life years and other cost-effectiveness factors. Insurers may use ICER recommendations to develop their formularies, therefore these recommendations could potentially improve or limit access to MS medications. Learn more.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper — approximately 150 to 200 words in length.  Check with your local paper for specific guidelines and submission instructions. Sample letter:
Medications are developed to help people feel better — but to be helpful, they need to be accessible. The price of treatments, and cost-sharing and approval processes should be affordable and transparent. <Describe your local and personal connection to MS>.
Visit for more information.

The candidate pledge

Complex problems are often solved by bringing stakeholders together to focus on solutions. We must rally all parties involved — pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, pharmacy benefit managers, specialty pharmacies, healthcare providers, policy makers, people with MS and others — to work together to focus on getting people with MS the medications they need to live their best lives.

During the 2016 campaign we invited elected officials of all levels to pledge their support. Candidates who pledged:
James Harris; U.S. House, Georgia's 8th District
Leonard Ware; U.S. House, Georgia's 10th District
Don Wilson; U.S. House, Georgia's 11th District

Jan Schakowsky; U.S. House, Illinois's 9th District

Barry Welsh; U.S. House, Indiana's 6th District

Dan Cox; U.S. House, Maryland's 8th District
Jamie Raskin; U.S. House, Maryland's 8th District
Chris Van Hollen; U.S. Senate, from Maryland

Rick Bryson; U.S. House, North Carolina's 11th District

Max Abramson; Governor of New Hampshire
Maggie Hassan; U.S. Senate, from New Hampshire

Jeff Hetrick; U.S. House, New Jersey's 11th District
Donald Norcross; U.S. House, New Jersey's 1st District

Lee Zeldin; U.S. House, New York's 1st District

Kristin Boggs; Ohio House, District 18
Warren Davidson; U.S. House, Ohio's 8th District

Jay Williams; U.S. Senate, from South Dakota

Lloyd Doggett; U.S. House, Texas' 35th District
Jan McDowell; U.S. House, Texas' 24th District
Darrel Smith Jr.; U.S. House, Texas' 6th District
Ruby Faye Woolridge; U.S. House, Texas' 6th District

Peter Clemens; U.S. House, Utah's 1st District
Mike Weinholtz; Governor of Utah

Mike Manypenny; Auditor of West Virginia
Brenton Ricketts; U.S. House, West Virginia's 1st District