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March 18, 2022
SELF magazine – 6 Ways I Found Emotional Support After My Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis – Click here for full story
March 14, 2022
SELF magazine – How 4 People with Multiple Sclerosis Stay Active Day-to-Day – Click here for full story
March 5, 2022
Coffee with America – MS Awareness Week – Tim Coetzee – Click here for full story
February 9, 2022
Multiple Sclerosis News TodayExpert Voices: Current State of MS Treatments and Cure Research – Click here for full story
February 4, 2022
Runner’s World – Here’s How Running and Exercise Can Help Manage Multiple Sclerosis
January 26, 2022
Health DayScientists Discover How the ‘Mono’ Virus Might Trigger MS – Click here for full story
January 13, 2022
DW TV NewsEpstein-Barr virus increases risk for MS study finds
Multiple Sclerosis News TodayJenn Powell Talks To Cyndi Zagieboylo from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society – Click here for full story


December 8, 2021
Health Central – 10 Tips for Managing MS in the Workplace - Click here full story
November 12, 2021
Health Central – Multiple Sclerosis Hasn’t Stopped Me – Click here for full story
October 14, 2021
Robin Robert’s Thriver ThursdayMichelle Tolson – Click here for full story

September 29, 2021
Marvel - 'Darkhawk' #2: A Conversation with Kyle Higgins and Dr. Tim Coetzee – Click here for full story
August 10, 2021 – Interview with Tim Coetzee – Click here for full story
August 10, 2021
The Hollywood Reporter Online – Christina Applegate Reveals Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis in Twitter Post – Click here for full story

July 16, 2021
Health Central 10 Ways to Stay Active This Summer with MS – Click here for full story
July 6, 2021
U.S. News & World Report – Why Do Black Patients Fare Worse When MS Strikes? – Click here for full story

June 6, 2021
Medical News Today MS: How a robotic exoskeleton could aid treatment – Click here for full story
May 30, 2021
Forbes – Robotic Exoskeleton Therapy Shown To Improve Mobility And Cognition In People With MSClick here for full story
May 27, 2021
Markets Insider - 6Connex's Innovative Platform Powers National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Virtual Walk MS® 2021 Events - Click here for full story

April 20, 2021
La Voz con Mariel Fiori - Andreina Barnola, Sociedad Nacional MS - Click here for full story
April 15, 2021
Healthline (Bezzy MS) – Real Talk MS – Getting the Bacon: Reflections on life with MS during the ReflectionsMicah Love - Click here for full story
April 14, 2021
Everyday Health – Telemedicine for MS Care: Two Thumbs Up – Click here for full story
March 6, 2021
Coffee with America – Multiple Awareness Week – Click here for full story

February 11, 2021
Daily Esports – Immortals Gaming Club teams up with National MS Society for online fundraising – Click here for full story

January 8, 2021 – The Pandemic Has Isolated Many People Living with Chronic Illnesses. This Org Is Stepping Up – Click here for full story


December 17, 2020
Healthline (Bezzy MS) – What I’d Tell Someone With A New MS Diagnosis – Michelle Tolson – Click here for full story
December 8, 2020
Eat This, Not That – 5 Signs You’re Getting Multiple Sclerosis, By an Expert – Click here for full story
November 30, 2020 – Multiple Sclerosis: Can’t Knock Me Down – Click here for full story

November 10, 2020
HuffPost – Millions Could Lose Health Care At The Supreme Court. Meet 6 Of Them – Click here for full story

October 22, 2020
Healthline – I’m an MS Navigator: Here’s What I Want You to Know About Multiple Sclerosis and Suicide Kathryn Heitz - Click here for full story

August 21, 2020
Xtalks – Sanofi Pays $3.68 Billion for Principia Biopharma and its MS Pipeline – Click here for full story

July 13, 2020
Managed Healthcare Executive – Do DMTs Increase the Risk of COVID-19 for MS Patients? – Click here for full story

July 8, 2020
HuffPost – COVID fear is keeping chronically ill people from getting medical care – Click here for full story

June 30, 2020 – Unstoppable: How Author Lisa Cohen Has been Able To Thrive Despite An MS Diagnosis – Click here for full story

April 23, 2020
USA TODAY – Medicaid gains middle-class interest amid job losses, worries about coronavirus spread – Click here for full story

April 19, 2020
Men’s Health – Once 420 Pounds, This Man Now Crushes 150-Mile Weekend Rides – Click here for full story

April 19, 2020
NBC-TV Los Angeles – LA Woman Walks to Fundraise for Multiple Sclerosis Research during COVID-19 Pandemic – Click here for full story

March 27, 2020
Parade – How to Help and Support Loved Ones with MS during the Coronavirus Outbreak – Click here for full story

March 12, 2020
Spectrum News 1 – UMass Med Student Running Boston Marathon for MS Society – Click here for full story

March 9, 2020
Coffee with America – MS Awareness Week – Chartese Berry - Click here for full story

Yahoo News – On her wedding day, this bride could ‘barely walk’ – and she didn’t know why – Click here for full story

January 24, 2020
Everyday Health – How the High Price of MS Drugs Affects People’s Lives – Click here for full story

January 20, 2020
U.S. News & World Report - Prices of MS Medications Keep Soaring - Click here for full story



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