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Strategic Plan


2019-2021 Strategic Plan

This plan guides and informs the impact we will achieve in the MS movement through 2021. It reflects the perspectives of more than 3,000 people affected by MS who we engaged to understand what matters most in improving the quality of people’s lives. Through this plan we aim to engage all those who want to do something about MS. 

Impacts describe what the world will be like for people with MS in 2021. The four impact areas are displayed in a circular pattern as each is important and all are interconnected.
  • Ensure Comprehensive High-Quality Healthcare
  • Empower People affected by MS to Solve Everyday Challenges
  • Deliver Breakthroughs to a Cure
  • Expand Resources and Reach
Strategies describe how we get the work done. Strategies work together to achieve the four impacts.
  • Accelerate research
  • Advocate to improve lives
  • Provide resources, connections and support
  • Maximize capacity and effectiveness
  • Achieve $1 billion Breakthrough MS fundraising campaign
Accelerators are levers that will increase our capacity and speed progress in each impact area and strategy.
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Digital and Technology
  • Innovation and Improvement
  • Volunteer Engagement
  • Awareness

Learn more about the plan and how our progress will drive impact and change the world for people with MS.

Strategic Plan Progress

Fiscal Year 2021 Progress ​Fiscal Year 2020 Progress
Fiscal Year 2019 Progress
Fiscal Year 2016 – 2018 Strategic Plan Progress
  • Plan-End (October 2015 – September 2018)


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