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COVID-19 Response Fund

We’re here for people living with MS, no matter what. Help us do more. Support the National MS Society COVID-19 Response Fund.


Many Ways to Give

The National MS Society offers many ways to make a difference in the lives of people affected by MS.

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• Corporate Support
• Donor Advised Funds
• Employer Matching Gifts
• Stocks or Securities
• Giving Circles
• Planned Giving
• Workplace Giving

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Lead COVID-19 Response Fund Supporters

•  Genentech
•  James & Kathleen Skinner
•  Biogen

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We’re here for people with MS — no matter what. Today, they need your help, too. 

$60M in funds for people with MS

No two people experience MS in exactly the same way. But despite their differences, every person with MS can count on the National MS Society for the support, connection and trusted information they need to keep their lives moving forward.
Vital services and support are at risk. The COVID-19 crisis has had a devastating impact on our ability to raise critical funds for the services and support the MS community relies on. For the safety of our communities, we canceled hundreds of in-person fundraising events and we’ve been forced to make tough decisions regarding furloughs, salary reductions and layoffs — affecting staff and their families.

Today, the MS movement stands to lose $60 million in funds, but financial contributions — from donors like you — will enable us to keep moving forward in our efforts to make a difference in the lives of people with MS.   

Support People with MS

1 million people living with MS count on our support
Nearly one million people living with MS face unique challenges in the wake of unexpected events.

Because of the programs, services and support from the National MS Society — nobody has to face the challenges of MS alone. MS doesn’t stop, and neither do we.

The financial support we receive from donors like you ensures we can continue making breakthroughs that help people with MS thrive. Your contribution helps us adapt to meet the changing needs of people with MS now, during times of uncertainty, and always. 
Donate to the National MS Society today.

1946: Established for People with MS | Today: Essential programs and critical information available virtually; MS Navigators available to 100%25 of people affected by MS; 34,000+ MS Activists amplifying the voices of people with MS; $1B in MS research funding | Beyond: End MS Forever

The National MS Society has championed the MS community since 1946.
In the past 74 years, we’ve seen our share of challenges and crises. But through it all, we’ve never lost focus on why we exist: People with MS. Our donors’ support has ensured that the Society can address the immediate needs of the MS community and continue working toward a world free from MS. We’re proud to carry on a legacy of helping people with MS thrive and overcome barriers, but we couldn’t have done it alone. Our accomplishments were only possible because of financial support from people like you. Your continued support enables us to be resilient though today’s crisis, so we can be there for people with MS tomorrow.   

Support the Society

MS Navigator | Team Captain | Volunteer | MS Activist | Donor | MS Healthcare Provider

We’ve made some changes to how we connect, but our momentum hasn’t slowed — today, we’re moving forward together in new ways.
Because of financial contributions from our supporters, the Society was prepared to answer the call for more information and resources during this uncertain time. We launched the COVID-19 Resource Center, and we are continually updating our resource library as we learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on people with MS. And our efforts didn’t stop there. 
Here are some of the ways we’re moving forward together:
  • MS Navigators stand ready to meet the challenges facing people with MS today. 
  • Support groups are still nurturing critical connections within the MS community — virtually. 
  • MS Activists keep the needs of people with MS top of mind for state, local and federal governments. 
  • Fundraisers are connecting and raising funds in creative new ways .
We’re still here for people with MS — and your financial gift helps us do more for them. 
Contribute to the National MS Society today.

Society commits over $24 million to 64 new research projects to stop multiple sclerosisNational MS Society funds new clinical trial of individuals' own stem cells to treat progressive MS
Lab research funded by the National MS Society identifies possible target for promoting myelin repairSociety-funded investigators discover new avenues for developing treatments for progressive MS


Our vision of a world free of multiple sclerosis remains unchanged. We’re closer than ever to breakthroughs that will forever change what it means to live with MS, but we couldn’t have done it without the generosity of Society donors. 
How have donors accelerated the MS movement? 
  • You paved the way for all MS treatments that exist today. 
  • You delivered early career support and funding to nearly every major recognized MS researcher. 
  • You provided outreach to more than 5,000 healthcare providers to help them better meet the needs of people with MS.  
  • And more...
But today’s challenges demand our attention, too. That’s why we led the development of a North American COVID-19 data collection platform, COViMS, to provide vital information to help researchers learn whether MS or its treatments affect the outcomes of COVID-19. We’re not letting anything stop the forward momentum of our research efforts — and that’s where your financial support can continue to make a difference. Each new research breakthrough brings us closer to a cure.  

Fund Research

Final Chapter in a World Free of MS
The next chapter in our story could be the last chapter for MS. We are closer than ever to a world free of MS — and we’re not letting anything stop our momentum. 
People with MS and their families depend on us to discover breakthroughs in research, service and advocacy that help people with MS live their best lives and will lead to a cure. Continued financial support from people like you ensures that our movement has the resources needed to stop MS in its tracks, restore what’s been lost and end the disease forever.   
Help us Breakthrough MS.
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It's only possible with you

Together, we’ve achieved more breakthroughs for MS than the world has seen for any other neurological disease — and we’re not stopping.
People living with MS need your support now more than ever. Our community may not be able to come together in-person right now, but together, we can close the $60 million fundraising gap and continue to meet the needs of people with MS throughout this crisis and beyond.  

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Thank You to Our Lead Supporters

Genentech • James & Kathleen Skinner • Biogen • EMD Serono

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