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State Action Day


At state capitols around the country, MS activists, Government Relations Committee (GRC) members and other volunteers convene annually to learn about MS advocacy priorities. Through coordinated in-person visits, they share those priorities with State Senators, Representatives, Assembly members, and other policy makers.

Virtual Advocacy Day & World MS Day

Virtual Advocacy Day and World MS Day
Wednesday, May 27

Please make plans to join us in calling, emailing, and writing your Alabama lawmakers to share your MS story. The Alabama Legislature has many important issues before them this legislative session, and with very little time to address them, it is imperative that our voices are heard. This year’s event will be held in conjunction with WORLD MS DAY, and it is an excellent opportunity to spread our message to policymakers about what it’s like to live with MS.

This year’s legislative agenda will include:

MEDICAID EXPANSION:   Provide 325,000 Alabamians with health coverage and also help stimulate the economy, create jobs, and resolve the state's budget shortfall. To learn more about Medicaid Expansion and its benefits, please click here. To learn more about Alabama's Best Coalition, please click here.

ACCESS TO CARE:  People with MS face a wide range of barriers to access – access to a social, political and economic life. Equality of access doesn’t just mean physical access to buildings, but access to the same tools, services and facilities that people who do not have MS enjoy.

To find your state legislator, please click here.


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