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Legacy of Leadership



“Multiple Sclerosis. Will anyone recovered from it please communicate with patient?”

That was the body of the New York Times classified ad Sylvia Lawry placed in 1945. Ms. Lawry was distraught and frustrated over not being able to find information about a disease that had struck her brother. The response was so incredible, Ms. Lawry decided to form a support group. Thus began the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, under the vision and leadership of a single persevering, caring human being.

In 1997, the Alabama - Mississippi Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society created the Legacy of Leadership campaign to honor leaders who have bettered our lives by finding creative solutions to community problems – people who share a kindred legacy with Sylvia Lawry. Families recognized by the Legacy of Leadership campaign are those who have grown the arts, looked after the unfortunate, built businesses and created opportunity – people of vision. People who chose never to give up in their pursuits.

Every year, our board chooses an individual or family to honor through the Legacy of Leadership campaign. In recognition of such leaders, a commissioned piece of artwork is created and donated to the city along with a plaque describing the person or family’s accomplishments. Additional money raised during the campaign goes to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s vision of creating a world free of MS through programs, services and research. And therefore, with the Legacy of Leadership campaign, three important things are accomplished. Our great leaders are immortalized, the community receives a wonderful piece of artwork and critical funds are raised for the battle against MS.

If you would like to contribute to the current Legacy of Leadership Campaign, please contact Alabama-Mississippi Chapter President, Andrew Belll.


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