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Board of Trustees


The chapter’s Board of Trustees is an elected group of volunteers with legal and fiduciary responsibilities for overseeing chapter goals, business operations, and focus in implementing the Society’s strategic response to MS.

Lorraine Crawford

Greg Giesler

Morse, Giesler, Callister, Karlin & Hiura Law Firm

John Giovannone

Paul Huether

Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
GoWireless, Inc.

Aaron Mugg

Tom Regal

General Manager Digital Studios
Iron Mountain Entertainment Services

Frank Yeager

Honorary Trustees

Amy Alcott
Walter F. Bauer, Ph.D.
Rich Corgel
Edith Furst
Steve Garvey
Yale Gieszl
Dave Gooding
Edith Grady
Harland N. Green, Esq.
John Hall
Alan H. Lederman
Simpson "Sim" Leonard
Fred Lukas
Sue Meltzer
Lawrence Pressman
Hon. Richard J. Riordan
Loren E. Sanchez, Ed.D.
David Serrano Sewell
Dennis H. Vaughn, Esq.
Congressman Henry A. Waxman & Janet Waxman
René  Webb
Charles C. Wolf, Esq.


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