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Living Well with MS


March 9, 2015
12:00 AM

Living Well with MS is an extraordinary program that was originally designed to help those living with a recent diagnosis better understand multiple sclerosis and develop lifestyle strategies that can help diminish the effects of the disease. This 12-week online wellness class is now open to all who want to explore what they can do to positively impact their personal well-being.

The Living Well Experience provides fun and interactive activities that let you try out new strategies while exploring topics like fatigue, stress management, employment & careers, relationships, and more!  Discussions connect you with others—just like you—where you can share experiences and learn first hand from each other.

Each week, the class offers information that can help you:

  • Better manage MS and its symptoms
  • Develop healthy eating habits and understand the role nutrition plays in MS
  • Integrate a comprehensive approach to exercise into your personal fitness plan
  • Develop positive emotional and spiritual health practices to use across your lifetime.
  • Whether you’re newly diagnosed or have been living well with MS for several years, discover what you can do to enhance the manageability of your disease and integrate healthy lifestyle practices in your everyday life.

Become knowledgeable and more confident about your future.

Cost: $25.00 per person. Pre-registration required.

Please check back for upcoming Living Well with MS dates.

In-Person Sessions in Los Angeles

The Marilyn Hilton MS Achievement Center at UCLA will offer Los Angeles participants additional in-person sessions twice a month with a team of MS professionals to complement the online course. Check back for information about the next upcoming in-person sessions.

John Sinner, diagnosed with MS in 1995, credits Living Well with MS with changing his life.


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