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Board of Trustees


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JoAnna Soffa


Will Bryant

Governance Committee Chair

Cheri Devlin

Community Engagement Committee Chair

Linda Glassel

Chapter President


Megan Alexander

Aradhana Bali

James D. Carney

Shelby Decosta

Roger Dickinson

Heather Fargo

Adam Gilberd

Ari Green, MD

Mike Gustafson

David Hultman

Elizabeth Jameson

Angela Lai

Kara Haspel Lind

Bradford Marks

Ellen Seebold

Nick Shortway

Robin Swanson

Kyle Winkler

Trustee Emeritus

C. Budd Colby, Ph.D.

Thomas Galizia

Gary Ryness

Dan Stokes

John Schafer, MD

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