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Local Stories of MS


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We invite you to connect with these personal stories of Northern Californians living with MS, either through their own disease or the disease of a loved one. Gain insight, knowledge, strength, and hope as you read about the experience of others.

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Getting Back on Track

Audrey was devastated when she was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS in 2005. However, Audrey got back on track with the help of the MS Society while finding the time to give back to those in need. 

Read Audrey's story

Connecting to Not Feel Alone

Already a wife and mother of two at the time of her diagnosis, Stephanie built new friendships and found enjoyable volunteer opportunities through the Chapter. “While I would not wish MS on anyone, it feels good to connect and see that I am not alone. The programs offered by the Society make this possible.”

Read Stephanie's story

Learning to Paint Again

One month after her MS diagnosis, Michael-Che began to experience cramping and weakness in her dominant arm. Not knowing if she would ever paint again, she turned to the Society for financial assistance with a mobility device that is helping her paint again.

Read Michael-Che's story

“Scooter Girl” Participates in Walk MS

"We've had to learn to adapt to losing my mobility. The first year, my husband and I walked the 1k portion of the Walk. At that time, I was able to walk, using my cane. Since then, I've used my scooter to complete the course."

Read Lorri's story

Unpredictible MS

"My condition is unpredictable and each day my MS fatigue ebbs and flows. It's hard for me to know when I will be functional and for how long. Being with others experiencing the wide range of problems that MS presents [gives us] a better perspective on what we are dealing with."

Read Eric's story.

Walking for her Son

“Every little bit helps, whether it is donating a dollar to the walk or donating an hour of your time to the walk. When you see the support given to every single person with MS at the walk from their friends and family, it is a wonderful thing to experience."

Read Karen's story

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