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Your Contributions Make the Difference

Together we are the MS movement. We are a movement by and for the people with MS. Every connection counts to improve the quality of life for the thousands of people whose lives are impacted by multiple sclerosis. With your gift we can move towards a world free of MS.

Every dollar that you give will make a difference in the lives of people in Northern California living with MS. Every dollar funds innovative programs and services and groundbreaking research focused on stopping the progression of MS, restoring function that's been lost and ending MS forever.

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Where the Money Goes

You Change Lives with Your Donation

$25:  Sends one person through our Newly Diagnosed Orientation conducted by chapter staff and a registered nurse specializing in MS
$50:  Gives one person eight hours of adapted yoga, tai chi or aquatics instruction
$100:  Sends a monthly “MS Mailbag” to one self-help group for one year
$150:  Buys four new lending library books
$200:  Purchases materials for employer disability awareness days and health fairs for one year
$300:  Trains a peer support volunteer to provide emotional support and resources
$500:  Provides therapeutic counseling to one couple struggling with the effects of MS for one month
$700:  Videotapes a symptom management workshop for our library
$800:  Produces an on-site education program for people with MS and their family members
$1,000:  Brings together children (8-13 yrs) who have a parent with MS for a day of fun and information through our “Time Out for Kids” program
$1,200:  Pays for 7 sessions of counseling with a licensed therapist for a group of 10 people
$1,500:  Provides education for neurologists to bring them a better understanding of the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis
$2,000:  Funds one issue of our bi-monthly Activities Calendar sent to 11,000 people with MS in Northern California
$2,500:  Produces our landmark program “Sex and the Suburbs” for 75 people
$2,750:  Presents a self advocacy skills workshop on health care rights for 75 attendees
$3,000:  Allows 250 people in our outlying areas access to an expert on MS through our telephone workshop series
$5,000:  Gives 85 people with MS and family members a dream weekend —white water rafting (all ability levels are accommodated).
$6,000:  Covers travel and lodging of 15 top MS Activists to attend annual statewide public policy conference to advocate for the health care interests of Californians with multiple sclerosis
$7,500:  Funds exercise classes for up to 25 people with MS for one year
$8,500:  Funds one printing of MS Connection Newsletter sent to 22,000 people
$10,000:  Provides Case Management for up to10 families with MS
$15,000:  Installs a stair glide enabling a person with MS to sleep in their own bedroom with their spouse
$20,000:   Funds respite care for up to 40 families

Make a Donation

Make a Donation
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Master Page Does Not Exist
Master Page Does Not Exist
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