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  • Surprise Bills: 
    • Have you received a bill from an out-of-network health care provider (like a radiologist or anesthesiologist), even though you went to an in-network hospital, imaging center, or other health facility?
  • Affordability:
    • Cost sharing on specialty medications
  • Network Adequacy or Accuracy of Provider Directories: 
    • You have found inaccuracies in your plan’s provider directory, for example the providers are no longer in business or they won’t take your plan.
    • You cannot find a provider close to where you live.
    • A listed provider is not accepting new patients or enrollees with your plan.
  • Timely Access to Care:
    • You have to wait too long for an appointment for primary care.
    • You cannot see a specialist in time to treat your medical concern.
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Master Page Does Not Exist
Master Page Does Not Exist


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Master Page Does Not Exist
Master Page Does Not Exist
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