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    Master Page Does Not Exist
    1. An Introduction to MS for Fitness and Wellness Professionals

      Free online training course for fitness and wellness professionals, including aquatics instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, and others who want to learn more about MS. The course provides an overview of the disease and offers specific strategies for working with a diverse MS population. This online course has been approved by the American Council on Exercise for 0.4 continuing education credits.

    2. Ask an MS Navigator

      The Society's MS Navigators help identify solutions and provide access to the resources you are looking for. Call 1-800-344-4867 or see "More info" to contact us online.

    3. Pharmaceutical Financial Assistance Programs

      A list of pharmaceutical and non profit financial assistance programs to assist with the costs of MS medications.


    Master Page Does Not Exist
    1. MS Connection

      Quarterly newsletter of the Mid Florida Chapter.

    2. Assistance Fund

      Co-pays. Deductibles. Insurance Premiums. Call them what you will, they often stand between access to greatly needed medications and the patients who desperately need them. And although a disease may be chronic, the inability to access life-giving medications shouldn’t be. The Assistance Fund provides financial support to patients who are critically or chronically ill in order for them to receive their life-saving, high-cost medications.

    3. Southeast Region Lending Library

      In support of our mission, we provide free access to accurate, current, and comprehensive information to people with MS, family members, caregivers and health professionals through the South East Regional Lending Library. Books, DVDs, and CDs are available on a variety of topics including symptom management, emotional health, exercise, family support, disease information, and more.

    4. 2010 Fellowships (.pdf)

      This document outlines 2010 clinical fellowships and describes each one.

    5. A Model of Psychosocial Support (.pdf)

      This book focuses on the psychological and social challenges confronting people affected by MS — those who are diagnosed with the disease as well as their family members and friends.

    6. Advisory Committee for Biomedical Research Committee A (pdf)

      Advisory Committee ‘A’ for Biomedical Research: 2013 Members List

    7. Advisory Committee for Biomedical Research Committee B (pdf)

      Advisory Committee ‘B’ for Biomedical Research: 2013 Members List

    8. Advisory Committee for Biomedical Research Committee D (.pdf)

      Advisory Committee ‘D’ for Biomedical Research - 2013 Members List

    9. Advisory Committee for Pilot Glial/Myelin Research (.pdf)

      National MS Society Scientific Peer Review Committee for Pilot Research Awards: Glial/Myelin Biology - Member List

    10. Advisory Committee for Pilot Immunity Research (.pdf)

      National MS Society Scientific Peer Review Committee for Pilot Research Awards: Immunology - Member List

    11. Advisory Committee for Research on Patient Care, Management and Rehabilitation (.pdf)

      Scientific Peer Review Committee C: 2013 Members Listing

    12. Advisory Committee on Fellowship (.pdf)

      Advisory Committee on Fellowship: 2013 Membership

    13. Advisory Committee on Health Care Delivery and Policy Research (.pdf)

      Advisory Committee on Health Care Delivery and Policy Research: 2013 Members List

    14. Ampyra Appeal Letter & Abstracts (.pdf)

      This document includes a form letter for MS patients who may have been denied coverage of Ampyra, as well as supporting abstracts.

    15. Application Checklist for Health Insurance Marketplace (.pdf)

      Application checklist for health insurance marketplace

    16. Applying for Collaborative MS Research Centers (.pdf)

      The National MS Society welcomes applications for support of Collaborative MS Research Centers which will help stimulate collaboration and interaction in MS research among independent investigators, strengthen the ties between basic and clinical research, and stimulate recruitment of researchers from other fields into MS research.

    17. Applying for Harry Weaver Neuroscience Scholar Awards (.pdf)

      A limited number of awards will be offered to highly qualified candidates who have concluded their research training and begun academic careers as independent investigators in an area related to MS.

    18. Applying for Mentor-Based Postdoctoral Fellowship In Rehabilitation Research (.pdf)

      The National MS Society welcomes applications for support of mentors and institutions that provide training of postdoctoral fellows in research related to MS rehabilitation which may serve to advance the mission of the Society.

    19. Applying for Pilot Research Grants (.pdf)

      The National MS Society provides funds for limited short-term support of research in areas where preliminary data are scant or nonexistent. This program is designed to support unique or novel ideas with the potential to open significant new areas of research on MS.

    20. Applying for Postdoctoral Fellowships (.pdf)

      The National MS Society welcomes applications for support of training of postdoctoral fellows in studies related to MS which may serve to advance the mission of the Society.

    21. Applying for Research Grants (.pdf)

      The National MS Society welcomes applications for support of studies related to MS which may serve in any way to advance the mission of the Society.

    22. Applying for Society-ABF MS Clinician Scientist Development Award (.pdf)

      The National MS Society and American Brain Foundation have committed to support the training of outstanding residency-level clinicians in MS clinical research through the National MS Society-ABF MS Clinician-Scientist Development Award.

    23. Applying for Sylvia Lawry Physician Fellowships (.pdf)

      It is the intent of this program that the individual with an MD or equivalent medical degree will acquire formal training in a broad range of key elements associated with conducting clinical trials in MS.

    24. April 2013 Focus on Cognition (.pdf)

      This clinical document explores how Multiple Sclerosis and cognitive impairment may be related, and the current treatments and research that are occurring.

    25. Assisted Living for Individuals with MS (.pdf)

      The purpose of this guidelines document is to identify the key components of quality care for residents with MS living in assisted living settings.

    26. Aubagio Appeal Letter & Abstracts (.pdf)

      A request for re-consideration of denial/limitation of coverage for Aubagio for patients.

    27. Breaking Research News (MS Professional Connection, Oct. 2013) (.pdf)

      With 10 MS disease-modifying agents currently available, new options expected within the next few months and several more in the research pipeline, treatment decisions are becoming increasingly complex.

    28. Career Transition Fellowship (.pdf)

      The National MS Society has determined that ending the devastating effects of MS will require a cadre of well-trained scientists engaged in MS-related research. The Society’s Career Transition Fellowship addresses this need by fostering the development and productivity of young scientists who have potential to make significant contributions to MS research and help ensure the future and stability of MS research.

    29. Catalog of Informational Resources (.pdf)

      The Society provides free resources for people living with MS and others. Many of these resources are listed in this catalog. For printed copies of any of our materials, contact an MS Navigator at 1-800-344-4867.

    30. Cavallo Treatment Update (.pdf)

      Since 1993 the U.S. FDA has approved several medications for use in MS. For the first time, we have the ability to reduce disease activity for many people with MS.

    31. Classification of Acquired Inflammatory CNS Demyelination in Children (.pdf)

      Chart shows First Attack of Demyelination and Further Demyelinating Attacks

    32. Clinical Bulletin - Physical Therapy in MS Rehabilitation (.pdf)

      Rehabilitation is an important part of health care delivery for persons with MS. Since the majority of people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, the challenges of MS affect those at the peak of their career and childrearing years.

    33. Clinical Bulletin - Spasticity (.pdf)

      Spasticity is one of the most common symptoms of MS. It can be defined as a velocity-dependent increase in muscle tone, which is usually associated with hyperactive deep tendon reflexes.

    34. Clinical Bulletin - Swallowing Disorders and Their Management (.pdf)

      Permanent and transitory swallowing disorders occur in patients with MS. In fact, swallowing disorders may be present long before the person with MS experiences any related symptoms.

    35. Clinical Fellowship Program (.pdf)

      The document explains the MS Clinical Care Physician Fellowship, including information about eligibility and evaluations.

    36. Clinical Trials in MS

      Large Phase 3 trials in RR MS. Updated September 2013. Abbreviations Key: AAN – American Academy of Neurology. CIS – Clinically Isolated Syndrome.

    37. Current Research Projects Funded by the NMSS

      List of Current Research Projects Funded by the National MS Society

    38. Depression In MS

    39. Diagnostic Workup for Patients with Suspected Demyelinating Disease - Testing Options (.pdf)

      Diagnostic Workup for Patients with Suspected Demyelinating Disease - Testing Options

    40. Disability Evaluation Checklist (.pdf)

      Use this checklist to facilitate doctor-patient discussion of MS-specific disability criteria and the SSDI application process.

    41. Document-Adherence to Therapy (MS Professional Connection, Fall 2012)

      Many factors have been associated with poor adherence to disease-modifying therapy in MS.

    42. Fast Forward and Myelin Repair Foundation (Start Up, Apr. 2012) (.pdf)

      Despite the availability of new oral medicines, broader advances in MS remains farther away, especially for patients with advanced MS. Two nonprofit group are thinking creatively to make those breakthroughs come sooner.

    43. FasterCures Philanthropy Advisory Service (.pdf)

      This is the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Organizational Report from May 2010.

    44. Focus on Disease-Modifying Therapies (MS Professional Connection, July 2013) (.pdf)

      As new treatments emerge for the management of MS, physicians and patients are facing challenging discussions about risk, benefits and other factors to collaboratively determine the best course for any given patient.

    45. From Clinical Trials to Treatments

      This presentation is: From Clinical Trials to Treatments.

    46. Gilenya Appeal Letter & Abstract (.pdf)

      This document includes a form letter for MS patients who may have been denied coverage of Gilenya, as well as supporting abstracts.

    47. Health Care Delivery and Policy Research Projects (.pdf)

      The Society offers multi-year contracts to health services investigators. Projects will be supported that address current priorities in the organization, funding, quality, outcomes, and costs of MS care

    48. Health Care Reform Principles (.pdf)

      America’s health care crisis prevents many people with MS from living as powerfully as they could. In response, the National MS Society is relentlessly working to shape the health policies of tomorrow.

    49. Home Care Providers and Personal Care Assistants (.pdf)

      This document was developed by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to be a practical resource to home care providers involved in the daily care of persons living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

    50. How We Will End MS (.pdf)

      This document reviews how the National MS Society aggressively pursues studies to identify all common MS-related genes and continue fighting toward ending MS.

    51. How We Will Restore Function (.pdf)

      This document explores how the National MS Society is working to further research and create strategies to repair the nervous system and restore function to people with MS.

    52. How We Will Stop MS (.pdf)

      This document explores how potential MS therapies in development (and newly in existence) are changing the treatment of MS.

    53. Initiating and Adhering to Treatment with Injectable Disease Modifying Agents (.pdf)

      To date, there are six disease-modifying agents that have been approved for the treatment of MS. The National MS Society recommends...

    54. Institutional Clinician Training Award Program Guidelines and Instructions (.pdf)

      Consistent with its mission to move toward a world free of MS, the National MS Society supports the professional development and training of physicians in the comprehensive care of people with MS.

    55. Instructions for Online Submission of Research Grant Applications (.pdf)

      Instructions for Submission: Research Grant Applications National MS Society

    56. Introduction: Funding Policy Overview (.pdf)

      This is an introduction to the National MS Society's funding policies.

    57. January 2013 New Website Supports Your MS Practice (.pdf)

      The National MS Society looks forward to partnering with you to promote optimal MS care through our new MS Clinical Care Network, a gateway to a variety of innovative resources to support your practice.

    58. Joint Conference on Primary-Progressive MS Focuses on Unmet Needs (.pdf)

      Distinct differences and specific needs characterize people living with primary progressive MS. The Society and the MS Association of America are striving to meet more of these needs by working together.

    59. Lyrica Appeal Letter & Abstract (.pdf)

      This document includes a form letter for MS patients who may have been denied coverage of Lyrica, as well as supporting abstracts.

    60. Management of MS-Related Fatigue (.pdf)

    61. Manual for Counselors (.pdf)

      This manual is designed to assist the person or counselor who is providing the Self-Injection Anxiety Counseling course or information.

    62. FDA approves first treatment for primary progressive MS

      New medication Ocrevus also shows benefits in relapsing forms of MS.

    63. MS and Disability: A Resource for Claims Professionals

      The fair and accurate review of disability claims related to MS should be based on a case-by-case analysis of each claim.

    64. MS CDMRP Funding (.pdf)

      This position statement paper, produced by the National MS Society, asks Congress to appropriate $10 million in 2014 for the Multiple Sclerosis Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program.

    65. MS Connection Online Community is an online community that provides the opportunity to connect with people involved in the MS movement and with valuable content, activities and resources.

    66. MS for the Physician Assistant: A Practical Primer (.pdf)

      This book is a practical starting guide for physician assistants who work with MS patients.

    67. MS in the Workplace: A Guide for Employers (video)

      This video is a resource for employers, featuring discussions about multiple sclerosis in the workplace.

    68. MS Navigator (.pdf)

      Finding answers and making sound decisions relies on having the right information at the right time. That’s what the National MS Society provides — answers to your questions and access to information about the options available to you.

    69. MS News (video)

      This video features Richard Rudick, MD, who discusses Ampyra, Tysabri, and stem cell research.

    70. MS: A Focus on Rehabilitation (.pdf)

      The progressive nature of MS, the unpredictability and variability of its symptoms, and the emotional and social changes it can cause, combine to create a complex, clinical challenge for rehabilitation professionals.

    71. MSQLI: A User's Manual (pdf)

      The Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Inventory (MSQLI) user's manual was developed as a comprehensive outcomes assessment battery.

    72. MS-The Nurse Practitioner’s Handbook (.pdf)

      MS is a complex, unpredictable disease that challenges patients and clinicians alike. As nurse practitioners, our role is to guide our patients on their journey with MS.

    73. Multiple Sclerosis and Smoking

      To date, few modifiable risk factors have been found to influence the development or course of MS. Cigarette smoking – which can cause serious health issues including lung cancer, increased risk of infections, and heart disease, and is the primary cause of preventable death in the United States – has also been identified as a risk factor in the development and progression of MS.

    74. National MS Society Fact Sheet (.pdf)

      This fact sheet explains about Multiple Sclerosis and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

    75. National MS Society's Research Program (video)

      This video features a discussion with Richard Rudick, MD, who discusses the multiple sclerosis research programs funded by the National MS Society.

    76. Nervous System Repair and Protection Initiative (.pdf)

      This paper explores the promises the National MS Society has made and how those promises have blossomed into functional results.

    77. Nurse's Quick Reference (.pdf)

      The Nurse’s quick reference serves as a guide for nurses caring for patients with MS.

    78. Nursing Home Care of Individuals with MS (.pdf)

      This document was developed by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to provide guidance to clinicians and administrators of nursing home communities who are seeking to develop more effective care plans to 1) manage the unique set of clinical conditions that residents with MS present, and 2) maximize the quality of life for these residents.

    79. Palliative Care (.pdf)

      For healthcare providers, this booklet provides an overview of palliative care.

    80. Opinion Paper-Rehabilitation (2004) (.pdf)

      The Medical Advisory Board of the National MS Society has adopted the following recommendations to provide guidance to physicians, nurses, therapists, insurers, and policy makers, regarding the appropriate use of rehabilitative therapies in MS. This document addresses physical rehabilitation.

    81. Our Strategic Response (.pdf)

      This white paper reflects key information gathered from all audiences and was used to inform the development of the National MS Society's Strategic Response for 2011-2015.

    82. Pain (.pdf)

      This clinical bulletin for health professionals explores how pain - a common MS sympton - impacts MS patients.

    83. Pediatric MS Program for Physicians (.pdf)

      This brochure on pediatric MS and the network of Pediatric MS Centers of Excellence has been developed as a tool to inform doctors, families and donors of the resources available to them.

    84. Physician Medical Information (.pdf)

      The purpose of this worksheet is to assist you in supporting your patient’s Social Security Disability Insurance application, in compiling medical records, and in writing the Medical Source Statement (MSS).

    85. Physician's Guide to Mobility Options & Prescription Documentation (.pdf)

      This guide for physicians explores customized wheeled mobility options for MS patients, and explains what prescription documentation may be needed.

    86. Policies and Procedures: Research Funding Programs and Other Awards (.pdf)

      The National MS Society is empowered to make grants of money for use by individuals within lawfully established agencies or institutions to further its mission.

    87. Poor Vision (.pdf)

      This clinical bulletin for health professionals explores how MS patients may experience vision problems and explains common diagnoses.

    88. Prototypical MRI Findings in MS (.pdf)

      MRI findings (images)

    89. Promising MS Research - Recorded Webcast

      Promising MS Research to Repair, Protect and Restore the Nervous System. Moderator Kate Milliken and panelists Dr. Ben Barres, Dr. Jonah Chan, Dr. Timothy Coetzee and Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl. December 5, 2013

    90. Rehabilitation: Recommendations for Persons with MS (.pdf)

      The Medical Advisory Board of the National MS Society has adopted the following recommendations to provide guidance to physicians, nurses, therapists, insurers, and policy makers, regarding the appropriate use of rehabilitative therapies in MS.

    91. Reproductive Issues in Persons with MS (.pdf)

      This clinical bulletin for health professionals explores reproductive issues in people with MS.

    92. Request for Applications on Risk Factors for MS Progression (.pdf)

      This announcement from the National MS Society introduces a 2010 research initiative to develop and pilot test innovative methodology to test risk factors that predict, and correlate with, disease progression in MS.

    93. Research Directions in MS: Strategies and Progress (.pdf)

      Explains the Society’s comprehensive research approaches to stopping MS in its tracks, restoring what’s been lost, and ending MS forever. For nonscientists. (last updated April 2016)

    94. Research Programs Advisory Committee (.pdf)

      2013-2014 National MS Society Research Programs Advisory Committee

    95. Research-America MS Fact Sheet (.pdf)

      This fact sheet explores MS, research and hopes for the future.

    96. Review of Regular Medications and Supplements (.pdf)

      A form to help people keep track of their prescription drugs, over-the-counter remedies, herbals, vitamins, or other dietary supplements.

    97. Sample Physician-to-SSA Letter (.pdf)

      This sample letter is designed as a guide to help you draft a personalized medical report documenting physical impairment.

    98. Sample Psychologist-to-SSA Letter (.pdf)

      This sample letter is designed as a guide to help you draft a personalized medical report documenting mental impairment.

    99. Serving Individuals with MS in Adult Day Programs (.pdf)

      The National Multiple Sclerosis Society developed this document to provide guidance to staff and administrators of adult day programs who are seeking to better meet the needs of their participants living with MS.

    100. Society Research Efforts in Progressive MS (.pdf)

      Progressive MS is a focus of the National MS Society’s Strategic Response to MS. MS progression can be slow or it can be fast, but it occurs in many of those who have the disease, even in people successfully treated for relapses.

    101. Society Response to Evaluation (.pdf)

      Learn about the National MS Society's view regarding Philanthropy Advisory Service's philosophy regarding intellectual property.

    102. Society-issued Letter to 60 Minutes (.pdf)

      Society-issued letter to 60 Minutes regarding a misleading broadcast.

    103. Special Focus on Rehabilitation (MS Professional Connection, June 2012) (.pdf)

      The focus is on rehabilitation and on some exciting new findings related to vestibular rehabilitation, walking and exercise training that reinforce the benefits of rehab for people living with MS.

    104. SSA Criteria for Evaluating MS Impairments (.pdf)

      This document is a summary of SSA criteria for evaluating impairments caused by Multiple Sclerosis.

    105. SSA MS Listing and Criteria Reference Sheet (.pdf)

      This reference sheet contains SSA’s listing of impairments for Multiple Sclerosis in easy-to-understand terms.

    106. SSDI Guidebook for Professionals (.pdf)

      If you have patients with multiple sclerosis who have become too disabled to seek or maintain gainful employment, they could be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. This resource book includes a brief summary of the application process, template letters to SSA, a Disability Evaluation Checklist, a Summary of SSA Criteria for Evaluating MS, and a glossary.

    107. Strategic Response to MS (.pdf)

      This brochure outlines the National MS Society's goals as an organization.

    108. Summary Evaluation Charts (.pdf)

      This document provides an assessment of the National MS Society's operations and research portfolio.

    109. Summary of 2007 Stem Cell summit (.pdf)

      A four-day Stem Cell Research Summit convened by the National MS Society and the MSIF brought together leading stem cell and MS experts from around the world to explore the potential of all types of stem cell research.

    110. Supporting MS-Related Disability Claims to Private Insurers - The Physician’s Role (.pdf)

      This guide was compiled by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society as an aid to health care professionals who are supporting their MS patients through the process of filing claims for private, long-term disability benefits.

    111. Sylvia Lawry Patient Database (.pdf)

      Since 2001, the Sylvia Lawry Centre for MS Research has been building the world’s largest database of patient information. With this invaluable tool, we hope to enable researchers to plot the way this mysterious disease develops in patients and find effective ways of treating it.

    112. Symptomatic Treatment Trials

      This document outlines Symptomatic Treatment Trials.

    113. Talking About Wheeled Mobility (.pdf)

      This booklet is designed to facilitate conversations with your patients about strategies for remaining functionally mobile with the use wheeled mobility devices.

    114. Tecfidera Appeal Letter & Abstracts (.pdf)

      This document includes a letter of appeal for MS patients who may have been denied coverage, as well as supporting facts and information.

    115. The Nursing Perspective (.pdf)

      This book provides an overview of MS and its treatment, with an emphasis on the unique role played by nurses in the treatment process.

    116. Timeline of MS Research (.pdf)

      This timeline highlights a selection of major landmarks in research into MS and the launch of programs to propel this research forward.

    117. TipSheet: 2010 Revisions to the McDonald Criteria for the Diagnosis of MS (.pdf)

      This document provides the 2010 revised McDonald diagnostic criteria for MS.

    118. Trials-Funded-by-National-MS-Society (.pdf)

      Trials funded by the National MS Society as of September 2013.

    119. Twins and MS (video)

      This video features Mary Hughes, MD, who answers a viewer's question about why she got multiple sclerosis but not her twin.

    120. Vitamin D and MS: Implications for Clinical Practice (.pdf)

      This clinical bulletin for health professionals explores how recent studies have changed our understanding of the effects of vitamin D on the body and human health.

    121. Why Quality of Life Matters in MS Research and Care (.pdf)

      This document reviews the importance of assessing an MS patient's quality of life in addition to other signs and symptoms.


Master Page Does Not Exist