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Illinois Lottery – ‘The MS Project’ Instant Win Ticket


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Play to help end MS

The Illinois Lottery’s MS instant win scratch off ticket is now on sale at all statewide retailers. Tickets can be found at local retailers from March through July and cost $2. The top winning prize is $50,000!

Find a local retailer today!

Funding research

The Illinois Lottery lets you make a difference to the many Illinois residents affected by multiple sclerosis by donating the proceeds from the purchase of the Illinois Lottery MS Project Instant Ticket to fund MS research.

All net proceeds from ticket sales go into the Illinois Lottery’s MS Research Fund. Research grants are distributed from the fund to neurologists, scientists, and other medical professionals at statewide institutions whose work is focused on multiple sclerosis research.

The history of the MS lottery ticket

The first MS lottery ticket was issued in 2008 following the creation of 20 ILCS 1605/21.7(SB764 and Public Act 095-0673). The MS ticket is one of five specialty scratch-off tickets in Illinois that benefit charitable causes/organizations (Veterans, HIV/AIDS, Breast Cancer, Special Olympics). The law created not only the ticket, but also the MS Research Fund within the Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) budget. Since that time, more than $10 million has been raised for MS research. Each year, the ticket raises over $600,000 in net revenue for the fund. Prospective grantees apply through the National MS Society research portal and peer review process; approved grants from Illinois are funded by the National MS Society research pool. The Greater Illinois Chapter has created a process through IDPH to obtain the lottery funds which are then channeled back to the National MS Society to replenish the pool. Amended legislation in 2013 changed the bill’s language to include “research to understand triggers and processes leading to that damage” which further expands the breadth of statewide research projects that can be funded through the lottery money. In addition, the same legislation increased annual grant allocations from the fund up to $2 million (from $1 million) per year.
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Emily Greenberg

Emily Greenberg, of Chicago, has been living with multiple sclerosis for 40 years. She has served as a National MS Society board of Trustee since 2010 helping to advance its mission to end MS forever. “I am also an avid cyclist and have been using Bike MS as my fundraising platform,” she said. “I have been riding with my team and raising money for MS since 2001 and in 2010, up'ed my fundraising to more than $10,000.” Emily said it is important to support the Society because, “We are so close to finding a cure for MS” and in doing so, “we can cure other similar neurological diseases.” She said, “The urgency to have disease modifying meds has been fulfilled and continues as new discoveries are made but let's get to the cure so no one ever again has to hear the words you have MS.”

Brian Gorsich

Brian Gorsich, of Washington, has been living with multiple sclerosis since 1999. He said, “When I first heard the words multiple sclerosis, the National MS Society is who I reached out to.” Brian credits the Society’s MS Navigator’s with being “the best source” for questions and guidance. “To know there is always someone that understands the daily battle is unparalleled,” he said. Although his MS caused him to retire early, Brian began volunteering with the Society as a self-help group team leader and participates in MS research studies. He also represents the Society on the Peoria Area Community Council and is active in fundraising that fuels it.

Belinda James

Belinda James of Matteson was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in March 2008 which was a day that she won’t forget.  “I’ve had my struggles and my battles but I’m a survivor.  I went from using a cane to walk to now using a wheelchair.”  She has persevered obtaining a master’s degree in social work and doesn’t let MS stop her from accomplishing her dreams.  “I push forward and let God lead the path.  With His lead and my determination, it is hard for me to fail.”
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