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MS Awareness Month in Illinois


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MS Awareness Week takes place March 5-11, 2017. The National MS Society uses the week and the entire month as a platform to promote upcoming events and to publicize MS research, advocacy, programs and services that are impacting those affected by MS. 

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Dine to End MS

Dine to End MS is a program that offers restaurant patrons the opportunity to donate to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society throughout MS Awareness Week/Month. 

This year, One Off Hospitality Group has nine restaurants participating.  Individuals can donate directly to the National MS Society at the end of their dining experience through buckslips in their check holders and also through special promos at each restaurant, where a percentage of sales from specific menu or drink items go directly to the Society.

  • Participating restaurants and specials (Note that $1 from every specialty item goes back to the MS Society during the month of March): 
    • ​​​Avec- Sour Frenchman Cocktail- gin, lemon, salers, cola syrup $13
    • ​Blackbird- #12 Punch- Rose wine, gin, citrus punch $13
    • Nico Osteria- Gilder Cocktail- CH vodka, blood orange-aloe sorbet, prosecco. $13
    • The Publican- Krombacher Beer, $10
    • Publican Quality Meats- "No Way" Sandwich- avocado, kale, sprouts, miso peanut dressing, multi grain bread $10
    • Publican Anker- Pub Burger- caramelized onion, american cheese, special sauce $13
    • Dove's Luncheonette- Pacifico Beer, $5
    • The Violet Hour- Old Weller Antique 107 Old Fashioned, $13
    • Big Star- walking taco, $3 

Facebook Frame

Facebook Profile Frames are a way to show support for causes, teams, organizations, or events by adding a frame/filter to your Facebook profile picture. The Society’s Facebook profile frame can be accessed via this link under “Causes” or by searching for National Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

Illinois Lottery – ‘The MS Project’ 

The MS Project: The 10th installment of the Illinois Lottery’s MS instant win scratch off ticket will go on sale at all statewide retailers beginning in early March. Tickets can be found at local retailers from March through July.

Cost: $3 per ticket; top prize = $50,000 

Proceeds: All net proceeds from ticket sales go into the Illinois Lottery’s MS Research Fund. Research grants are distributed from the fund to neurologists, scientists, and other medical professionals at statewide institutions whose work is focused on MS research. The ticket has raised over $10 million over the past decade. 

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