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State Action Day


At state capitols around the country, MS activists, Government Relations Committee (GRC) members and other volunteers convene annually to learn about MS advocacy priorities. Through coordinated in-person visits, they share those priorities with State Senators, Representatives, Assembly members, and other policy makers.

Change happens through MS Activism
Join us this year at MS Action Day in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Together, we help raise awareness of MS issues. We share our personal stories. Together, we will ask our public officials to make positive changes that benefit people living with MS.

Whether you are attending MS Action Day for the first time or are an experienced advocate, we will help you feel prepared to meet with your local legislators at MS Action Day!

Join those connected to MS in raising your voice to increase awareness and to learn more about what issues are important to people affected by multiple sclerosis. MS Action Days are a chance to connect with local legislators and learn more about the issues important to people affect by MS. Lunch will be provided and personal visits with constituents may be scheduled.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Register or learn more.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015
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What is MS Action Day?

MS Action Day is day where people affected by MS join other volunteers and MS Society Staff at their state’s Capitol building. We offer a wide arrange of transportation options to help you get to your there. You will learn more about policies that impact people living with MS. We will schedule meetings for you and provide you with all the training and materials you will need to be an effective advocate. You just need to bring your enthusiasm and come prepared for a full day of activity. If you experience fatigue or other physical symptoms, we strongly encourage you to bring a companion and any assistive equipment you might need for getting around the Capitol building.

How to Prepare for MS Action Day

  • Register for Action Day by clicking the link above!
  • The day of WEAR ORANGE – a scarf, necktie, button or something else of your choice!
  • Look over the key issues that will be emailed directly to you before the event.
  • Attend the training opportunities in your state:
    • Kansas - Teleconference, February, 6 at 5:30pm
    • Missouri - Online Training Videos Available
    • Nebraska - Teleconference, February 19 at 4:00pm

How We Identify Annual Priority Issues

Through a collaborative effort between Mid America and Gateway Area chapters, MS Action Day paves the way for our Chapters' strongest and most influential form of public advocacy. MS Activists learn about the Society's advocacy issues and then meet with legislators at their Capitols in Jefferson City, MO; Lincoln, NE and Topeka, KS. During legislative meetings, our activists address issues that are vital to individuals living with MS throughout our Chapter service area.


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