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Kansas MS Caucus


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Kansas Senate MS Caucus Members

Kansas State Capitol

Senate Caucus Chair
Senator Dan Kerschen, Senate Caucus Chair

Senator John Doll
Senator Oletha Faust-Goudeau
Senator Tom Hawk
Senator Anthony Hensley
Senator Carolyn McGinn
Senator Pat Petty
Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook
Senator Caryn Tyson
Senator Rick Wilbourn

Members of the Caucus can help people living with MS by engaging in discussions about issues such as:

  • Rep Smith and Julie StephensMS National Institute of Health funded research at the University of Kansas Medical Center and Kansas University
  • Access to quality health care in Medicare, Medicaid and the private insurance market;
  • Access to health care in rural and underserved areas of the country;
  • Long-term care and supports including caregiving programs;
  • Employment issues and Social Security Disability Insurance; and
  • Disability rights.

Members of the Kansas MS Caucus are committed to:

  • Rep MasonSeeking creative solutions to the challenges facing people with MS;
  • Raising awareness and promoting education about MS in an effort to move closer to a world free of this disease;
  • Networking with others who would like to move closer to a world free of MS;
  • Attending an informative briefing on MS
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