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Employer Matching Gifts


Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match charitable contributions made by their employees. This is a great, easy way to double or even triple the impact of your donation to helping people with MS live their best lives.

Employer Matching Gifts - Resources & Information

Learn more about Employer Matching Gifts and whether your company has a program.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Matching Gifts

What is a matching gift?
A matching gift is a gift from a donor’s employer that matches the donor’s original gift. Most companies match dollar-for-dollar and some may even double or triple match a donor’s gift.

How do I know if my employer has a matching gifts program?
Ask your manager or human resources representative. You can also search the Society's matching gifts database.

Where do I get a matching gift form?
It may be available online here. If not, or if your company isn’t listed, please check with your company’s human resources department.

What do I do with the form when I’ve filled it out?
Refer to the instructions on the matching gift form, but usually the next step is to mail or fax it to the Chapter. Please include the participant’s name and mail it to:
National Multiple Sclerosis Society - Mid America Chapter
7611 State Line, Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64114

You can also fax it to 816-361-2369 or scan and email it to

How will I know when you have received the donation and the matching gift?
Check the My Progress section of your Participant Center if you are fundraising as part of a special event. We will list the donation and the expected matching gift separately. It can take months to receive payment for matching gifts, but the participant will receive credit for matching gifts for prize purposes. You can also contact the Chapter if you want to check the status.

What else do I need to do?
Carefully read the guidelines for your employer’s matching gifts program.
Many companies only match donations to certain areas, such as education or the arts, etc. Also check to see if your company matches only your individual donations. Most companies match only donations made by their employee and will not match the employee’s fundraising total. Some companies also have a minimum amount that you must donate before they match, such as $25. Please make sure your contribution is eligible before submitting a form.

Include the name of the participant that the matching gift donation should be credited to.
This will enable quicker processing.

Do not date the form.
Many companies have a 90-day policy on accepting forms and they go by the date filled in by the donor, not by the date filled in by the recipient organization. Many forms are turned in months after the donation has been received and by the time the form is processed it is too late to turn it into the company for a match.

Be sure to sign the form.
It is an easy step to miss. Also, please fill out the form completely with address and phone number in case there are any questions.

Please turn in the form at the same time the donation is turned in.
Paperclip the donation form to your check, or include a copy of the receipt of online donations. This makes processing faster as well.


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