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Board of Trustees


The chapter’s Board of Trustees is an elected group of volunteers with legal and fiduciary responsibilities for overseeing chapter goals, business operations, and focus in implementing the Society’s strategic response to MS.

Executive Committee

Mr. Robert Garty, CFA

1st Vice Chair

Ms. Piper McNealy

Immediate Past Chair

Mr. Peter Galligan

Chairman, National Board of Directors

Mr. Douglas Bryant

Past Chair

Mr. S. Woodworth Chittick

Vice Chair

Ms. Theresa Molloy, CPA

Vice Chair

Ms. Jan Fuller



Mr. Charles Bean

Mr. Adam Brodsky

Linda Buchwald, MD

Research Advocate

Jonathan Cahill, MD

Mr. Louis Caputo

Mr. Douglas Clarke

Mr. Travis D'Amato

Mr. Jack Enright

Mr. Anthony Everett

Mr. Joseph Fallon

Ms. Leanne Moore

Mr. Kenneth Jones

Ms. Joan Gordon Kaplan

Mr. Robert Keeley

Mr. Brandon Kelly

Ms. Sarah Kelly

Mr. Liam Kennedy

Mr. Peter Lamberton

Mr. Kevin Lombardi

Ms. Cathy MacPherson

Ms. Paige Magratten

Ms. Donna McGrew

Mr. Michael Mingolelli, Jr.

Mr. Mark McKiernan

Mr. John Mulattieri

Ms. Jeanine Palumbo

Mr. Bob Picone

Mr. Larry Rubin

Mr. Robert Shapiro

Mr. Ronald Schram

Ms. Gail Kelly Sheehan

Mr. Richard Slifka

Ms. Michele Smith

Mr. Eddy Tabit

Ms. Patricia Thorpe

Mr. Andrew Slifka

Mr. Andrew Zimmon


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