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Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is an elected group of volunteers responsible for ensuring the Society achieves its mission and fulfills its strategic plan by engaging the community, building MS awareness, expanding financial resources, and bring others into the MS movement.


Mr. Michael Mingolelli, Jr.


Ms. Jan Fuller

Vice Chair/Governance Committee Chair

Mr. Andrew Zimmon


Mr. Robert Shapiro

Donor Relations Committee Chair

Mr. Eddy Tabit

Community Engagement Chair

Lori Espino

Chapter President


Mr. Charles Bean

Ms. Kimberly Bianco

Mr. Adam Brodsky

Mr. Douglas Bryant

Dr. Ann Cabot

Mr. Douglas Clarke

Mr. Anthony Everett

Ms. Linda Farley

Ms. Sharon Froston

Mr. Peter Galligan

Mr. Robert Garty

Mr. David Gladstone

Mr. Kenneth Jones

Mr. Robert Keeley, Jr.

Mr. Liam Kennedy

Mr. Kevin Lombardi

Mr. Harold McIntyre

Ms. Piper McNealy

Ms. Leanne Moore

Mr. John D. Mulattieri

Ms. Marni Payne

Ms. Alisha Perdue

Mr. Andrew Slifka

Mr. Richard Slifka

Ms. Patricia Thorpe

Mr. Michael Yeh

Mr. Rob Zochowski

Trustee Emeritus

Mr. Louis Caputo

Brandon Kelly

Mr. Robert McGraw

Mr. Larry Rubin


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