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Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is an elected group of volunteers responsible for ensuring the Society achieves its mission and fulfills its strategic plan by engaging the community, building MS awareness, expanding financial resources, and bring others into the MS movement.


Matthew Caplan


Helen Myers

Vice-Chair/Community Engagement Chair

Mr. Bart Huthwaite, Jr.


Mr. Michael C. Killian

Governance Committee Chair

Tammy Willis

Chapter President


Rany Aburashed

Harlori Bains

Mr. Michael Brady, Esq.

Mr. Martin Shoushanian

Mirela Cerghet, MD, PhD

Mr. Steven Englehart

Julie Hirsch

Burt Jordan

Lisa McRipley

Dean Munger

Marcus Oden

Robert Schnell

Len Wiles

Brad Ring

Rosemarie Walch, DO

Jackie Morse

Sherri Campbell Fenton

Trustee Emeritus

Robert Lisak, MD

Hon. Michael Gadola


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