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Current Advocacy Issues

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The National MS Society and MS activists advocate at the federal, state and local levels for increased MS research, access to quality care, disability rights, long-term services and supports and awareness and organizational support.

Michigan issues emphasized in our advocacy efforts include Medicaid Home and Community Care Waiver funding, long-term care reform, insurance coverage.

Home Care
The National Multiple Sclerosis Society believes it is important to expand quality public and private long term care options. We especially endorse options that keep individuals at home or in the community as long as possible and functioning at the highest possible level.  Click here to learn more and take action.

Michigan activists are working with Michigan Consumers for Healthcare Advancement, a coalition to implement healthcare reform in Michigan. Click here to learn what healthcare benefits are available and what policy changes are pending.

Medicaid Expansion
Expanding Medicaid is a smart investment for Michigan. The expansion will provide affordable, comprehensive health care coverage for low income people with MS. Click here to learn why Medicaid expansion is important.


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