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Dave Britz


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We’re incredibly grateful and so impressed by the scope of achievements for which our chapter volunteers are responsible. In honor of the many ways volunteers contribute to the MS movement, we'll feature a different volunteer during National Volunteer Week. Today's Everyday Hero is Dave Britz, from Cottage Grove, MN

1.What is your connection to MS?

I started riding the MS TRAM 20 years ago and knew no one with MS. On my 2nd day of the ride I came in contact with Ella who had MS for the past 20 years and told her that I was riding the rest of the week for her. So I had a reason and incentive to do something. Since then I have kept a list of those with MS that I have come in contact with, and now have over 230 names on my list.

2. What inspired you to volunteer for with the Society?

I started volunteering 19 years ago at the spring MS Walk, and have supervised the 2nd rest stop for the past 17 years. The enthusiasm that I saw on my first walk inspired me to do as much as I could. Getting to know other volunteers, especially those who have a spouse, parent, child, etc..,with MS, and to see all that they volunteer for, helped me to better understand what they go through daily and to give a little more of myself.  Also, of all the organizations that I have been involved in, the MS Society is the BEST one of them all. 

3. How have you volunteered my time.

Beside the spring walk, the challenge walk, muck ruckus, have been at the start and finish line of the motorcycle rides, and other events. Plus working from time to time in the office and going to support group meetings and giving talks along with other events (State Fair, etc.) I also do the 3 MS bicycle rides.

4. What skills and background do you have that help you succeed in your role?

I am not shy and can talk to anyone about almost anything. I have tried to stay on top of all the progress in research and new drugs that deal with MS. Also, the more I volunteer the greater my knowledge is to get things done.

5. How would you encourage others to volunteer?

I found that getting to know someone with MS and what he/she goes through on a daily basis can be very rewarding in striving to do more for the Society. It is a great opportunity to do something for someone else, which is the greatest thing that one can do on this earth. It is the best organization there is. Very well run, top to bottom.

Master Page Does Not Exist
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