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Until a cure is found, the Gateway Area Chapter and MS activists are currently pursuing:  

  • Improved community resources

  • Disability rights

  • Long-term care resources

  • Access to quality health care services

  • Increased funding for MS research

  • Accessible, affordable health insurance


In Washington, DC, we are working toward positive legislative change. Read about our priority MS issues.

View our our current action items and sign up for action alerts.

Read the National Health Care Reform Principles. These principles help guide our role in the national health care reform debate and determine the Society’s policy priorities.

State and Local Issues

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Locally, volunteers and staff are working on the following initiatives in Missouri:

  • Awareness - Increase awareness of MS among members of the General Assembly - their understanding of the disease, their compassion for people with the disease, and their comprehension of the public policy implications of MS.
  • Health Care - Advocate for access to quality health care for people with MS, whether they have private insurance, rely on public insurance, or are uninsured. Our specific areas of interest include:
    • Ensuring that Missouri's revised Medicaid program takes into account the needs of people with chronic, disabling conditions such as MS
    • Access to all of the MS disease-modifying drugs
    • Access to physical and occupational therapies
    • Access to specialists for people with chronic conditions, such as neurologists for people with MS
    • Realistic copayments that are not a barrier to obtaining health care
  • Housing- Expand initiatives to assist low to moderate-income people with MS remain in the least restrictive environment. Various mechanisms to do this may include, but is not limited to, expanding availability of targeted tax credits, home care initiatives, and caregiver support programs.
  • Long-Term Care - Advocate for long-term care planning options relevant for people with MS. This includes exploring possible public-private partnerships or Medicaid buy-in opportunities.
  • Transportation - Identify ways to improve accessible transportation.
  • Privacy - Preserve the privacy of people with MS, by reviewing proposed changes in format and availability of medical records to make sure they are consistent with HIPPA and allow the patient to remain in control of who may access his/her private health information.



In ILLINOIS, volunteers and staff are working on the following initiatives:

  • In-district visits. Volunteers will visit legislators in August while Congress is in recess. MS activists from the Gateway Area and Greater Illinois chapters will make visits with representatives to discuss the National MS Society’s federal issues and ask for their support.
  • Advocacy and Government Relations Committee. The Gateway Area Chapter is recruiting members for the Illinois Advocacy and Government Relations Committee. This committee is open to those who live in Illinois and are interested in advocating for people living with MS in Illinois. The committee meets quarterly via teleconference and offers multiple ways to volunteer. Please contact if you are interested in participating.


In MISSOURI, volunteers and staff are working on the following initiatives:

Medicaid Expansion

The National MS Society supports expanding Medicaid in Missouri to allow more individuals with MS to access health care. Click here to learn more about how Medicaid expansion would impact individuals living with MS.

Would you be impacted by Medicaid expansion or would you like to get involved? Click here to learn more about the Missouri Medicaid Coalition.

Health Insurance Marketplaces

On October 1, 2013 individuals and small businesses will have a new way to purchase health insurance. Learn more at

For more information on this credit, including requirements and eligibility, please contact the Public Policy Manager, Sarah Gentry at


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