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The month of December is a perfect time to spread the word about your participation in our chapter events. Whether you walk, climb or ride, take advantage of the spirit of giving & spread the word about your mission to end MS forever.

To help get you started, we're debuting the first-ever 12 Days of Fundraising! We're counting down 12 easy-to-use fundraising tips & tools -- delivered straight to your inbox every morning.

Each day a tip is revealed, we'll include all of the goodies like downloadable templates you'll need to get started! Check back each day from December 2 - 13.

Day 1: Set a Goal and Tell All!

  • Step 1: Set your sights! Setting a fundraising goal can help keep you focused & motivated. You want your goal to be achievable, but manageable. And, if your event has a fundraising minimum, your goal should at least be your minimum.
  • Step 2: Spread the word! Make it official by updating your online participant center, sharing it on social media or including your goal in your emails. When you tell others what you hope to accomplish, they will be more inclined to donate.

Day 2: Take Advantage of What you Have!

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your online participant center!

  • Personalize your page with your story, pictures or a video.  
  • Set your fundraising goal & monitor your progress!
  • Import your contacts and send out emails to one or all using a template.
  • Share your involvement and fundraise through social media.
  • Download the mobile app.

Check out our simple guide on the participant center to get started.

Day 3: Skip the Sweater ... Ask for What you Really Want This Year!

Make your holiday gift list easy this year! Tell your friends and family that instead of buying you yet another sweater, they can make a donation to help you reach your fundraising goal! Share your story with them and provide a link to your personal page so they can easily make a donation in just a few minutes online – rather than battle the mall!

Day 4: You better know what you're fighting for!

Once you can communicate why you're raising money, donors start to feel a bit more generous. Allow your donors to really connect with our mission for a world free of MS by sharing facts, figures and your story.

  • Create your elevator speech: Have a quick pitch about your involvement in Walk MS, Bike MS or Climb to the Top.
  • Know your MS facts: This will let you be prepared for the inevitable question, "What is MS?"
  • Share the impact: Your donors want to know their donation actually makes a difference. So, let them know that our chapter has 33 self-help groups, a scholarship program that supported 55 students in 2014, and five MS Partners in Care centers in NJ!

To help get you started we're providing you with a sample speech and a few facts about MS and our chapter. Check it out here.

Day 5: Dress for MS - Holiday Style!

Organizing a dress-down day at your workplace is an easy & fun way to raise awareness – and funds! Charge co-workers $1 - $5 for the chance to dress down at the office; anyone who pays receives a sticker to show their support. This season, put a holiday spin on your Dress for MS Day and encourage your co-workers to wear ugly sweaters instead!

We’ve already prepared a template for your event stickers. All you have to do is get your boss to approve!

Day 6: Make your holiday cards do the work for you!
You know all of those holiday cards you’re planning on mailing out this month? Make your card raise awareness for you! Put a quick note in each card to tell others about your fundraising goal.
Don’t have time to create a note? Don’t worry – we have you covered! Feel free to print off the first page, or, include your fundraising page URL and make your note double-sided. 
Day 7: Spread the Word on Social Media!

We want to make spreading the word about your awesome decision to join the movement as easy as possible. So we’re providing you with plenty of tools to get connected! Click here to get our ready-to-use status updates & tweets.

Day 8: Host a Dine-Out Event

Dine-outs are a great way to raise funds without asking your friends, family and co-workers for cash directly. For more information on what a dine-out is and locations, click here.

Day 9: Show your donors the difference they make!

Using a video in your fundraising appeal is a great way to show your donors why you’re raising funds. Whether you use a Society video (check out the National MS Society YouTube channel here), use a current, popular video (like ESPN’s E:60 – Catching Kayla) or one of our chapter videos. Check out our chapter videos and a step-by-step guide to using videos for your fundraising here.

Day 10: Give a Gift that Makes a Difference

This holiday season give the gift that makes a difference. Don’t fret about what to purchase your aunts & uncles or that one person who already has everything. Instead, make a donation to your fundraising efforts in their name. And, just in case you don’t want to show up empty-handed, we’ve created great holiday donation cards for you & yours. Don’t forget to print off a chapter brochure to go along with each card!

Get your holiday donation cards here. Get the chapter brochure here.

(Each sheet has 4 cards. To make the cards double-sided, select “print on both sides” & “flip on short edge.”)

Day 11: Change for a Cause

Every cent adds up! Print out our jar labels (perfect for a coffee can or smaller) and put your collection can out in your home, at work or wherever there may be spare change to share! Watch as your spare cents add up to make a potentially sizeable donation by the end of your fundraising!

Day 12: Thank Those Around You!

It’s great that donors automatically receive a thank you letter from the National MS Society after they contribute to your fundraising efforts. But, it’s even better when you personalize a thank you letter to your donors! Click here for our easy-to-use thank you letter – perfect for personalizing and sending out to those around you!

Master Page Does Not Exist
Master Page Does Not Exist


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Master Page Does Not Exist
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