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    1. Find Clinical Trials in New York

    2. Life Goals and Purpose in People with MS

      Researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo are interested in studying the relationship between life goals and purpose in life of people diagnosed with MS. U.S. citizens, over the age of 18 with a diagnosis of MS are eligible to take the online survey. Participation is voluntary and information gathered is anonymous and will be kept confidential. It is hoped that the research will help improve services for individuals with MS in the future.


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    1. Promising MS Research - Recorded Webcast

      Promising MS Research to Repair, Protect and Restore the Nervous System. Moderator Kate Milliken and panelists Dr. Ben Barres, Dr. Jonah Chan, Dr. Timothy Coetzee and Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl. December 5, 2013

    2. Clinical Trials in MS

      Large Phase 3 trials in RR MS. Updated September 2013. Abbreviations Key: AAN – American Academy of Neurology. CIS – Clinically Isolated Syndrome.

    3. Find Clinical Trials

      Clinical trials help to find solutions for everyone affected by MS. Find studies near you.

    4. From Clinical Trials to Treatments

      This presentation is: From Clinical Trials to Treatments.

    5. Symptomatic Treatment Trials

      This document outlines Symptomatic Treatment Trials.

    6. Emerging Therapies for MS Treatment

      The emergence of new MS therapies is both exciting and challenging for people living with MS and the clinicians who treat them. An MS specialist neurologist will discuss the most recent information concerning newly emerging MS therapies to promote a better understanding and educate participants on treatment options.

    7. 2014 Research Symposium

      On Sept 13th and 14th, the NYC- SNY Chapter hosted the 2014 Research Symposium. New Developments in MS Treatments,Treatment Advances and Environmental Factors that Modify the Course of MS, and Clinical Trials for Brain Repair in MS were the topics presented by Dr. Jeffrey Haines, Dr. Apatoff, and Dr. Ari Green.

    8. MS Research Using Vision (OCT) Testing: Anti-LINGO-1 (video)

      Neuro-opthalmologist Tariq Bhatti, MD, at Duke University Eye Center, discusses the use of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in evaluating multiple sclerosis (MS) progression and the effects of treatments - namely anti-LINGO-1.


Master Page Does Not Exist
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