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Become an MS Activist


Each of us has a story that can help increase awareness about MS, educate public officials, and drive change. Our collective voice is a powerful force, moving us toward a world free of MS.


Here are just a few of the many ways you can stand up for those with MS:
  • Take action on a hot federal issue
  • Visit the MS activist blog
  • Share your story
  • Send an email to your elected official
  • Post MS issues on your own web site, blog, or viral space. Link back to ours.
  • Learn about your elected officials and their voting records on health care issues
  • Become an advocacy volunteer
  • Help us recruit more MS activists at the next Bike MS or Walk MS event
  • Visit a self-help group or other program to talk about the power of advocacy. View a list of self-help groups.
For local opportunities, please email:


District Activist Leader

Have you met with your elected official and shared how MS affects you? Are you interested in growing relationships to keep people with MS at the front of their minds of our elected officials as they consider legislation? Lead the way in your community by becoming a volunteer District Activist Leader.

As a District Activist Leader, you will build and foster critical relationships with the elected officials in your legislative district. You will serve as a liaison between these officials and the Society, helping to develop a reliable grassroots movement across the state and the country.

Key responsibilities 

  • Take a leadership role in engaging with elected officials via multiple avenues to help foster a relationship between MS activists and elected officials.
  • Collaborate with your State’s Government Relations Committee
  • Attend MS State Action Days and/or Public Policy Conference when possible
  • Receive elected official’s email/mail communications
  • Monitor and track the elected official’s district activities and public events
  • Attend town hall meetings and other public forums to engage on issues that impact people affected by MS
  • Help build the MS movement’s profile of elected officials by providing key biographical data and information to Society government relations staff
  • Conduct in-district legislative visits when needed
  • Complete on-going training
  • Raise awareness of MS policy issues by utilizying multiple media strategies


  • Responsible and reliable
  • Able to communicate respectfully and use good judgment
  • Able to represent MS movement position on local, state and federal issues
  • Comfortable with public speaking
  • Strong Interpersonal skills
  • Strong leadership and organizational skills
  • Good note-taking and ablity to follow-up
  • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel, internet)
  • Interest in growing Social Media skills to connect with elected officials
  • Able to travel to and from district meetings/events

Time commitment

This is an ongoing position requiring a time commitment of approximately 10-15 hours per month (some months more and some months less depending on legislative cycles) for a minimum of two years. Regular calls and meetings with Society government relations staff will be required to discuss progress and strategize next steps. (in-person or by phone).

Education and support

Training and support will be provided by Society staff as well as other volunteer leaders.

Join now

To volunteer, complete a volunteer registration form and a staff member will contact you with next steps.

Join the MS Activist Network

Receive updates on federal, state and local policy impacting people affected by MS. Also, you'll receive an MS Action Alert when an issue or piece of legislation calls for your immediate attention; with a few clicks you can email your public officials about why a current issue is important to you.

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Meet Other Activists

Meet MS activists from all over the country. Learn how they got involved, what they're passionate about and how they drive change.

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