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A Transcriptional Approach to Myelin Repair


A Transcriptional Approach to Myelin Repair
With Ben Emery, PhD, Oregon Health & Science University

Recorded 12/5/15 at the National MS Society, Oregon Chapter’s 2015 Annual Meeting & Research Update

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About Dr. Emery’s Presentation

The Emery Lab at OHSU is testing a strategy for increasing myelin repair in MS by manipulating a major gene in myelin formation. The body’s ability to repair myelin by itself is incomplete. Myelin formation is genetically controlled and a gene called myelin regulatory factor (Myrf) appears to play a critical role in that process. Myrf works in the oligodendrocyte cells that make myelin in the brain. Therapies that increse Myrf activity may ultimately be used to increase natural myelin repair for people living with MS.


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