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Medical Equipment Program


Overview: The Oregon Chapter will provide used and refurbished medical equipment to people with MS. Inventory of equipment depends on equipment donations.

Program Details

The Oregon Chapter aims to empower people with MS to first utilize their own resources or community resources that may be available to them to acquire medical equipment.
The Chapter will provide used and refurbished medical equipment to people with MS. The Chapter accepts donations of equipment and occasionally, purchases new equipment. The Oregon Chapter cannot guarantee that the Medical Equipment Program will be able to provide the type of equipment that an individual might need. Inventory of equipment for the Medical Equipment Program varies depending on equipment donations and chapter funding.
Should the equipment that the Chapter gives you need repairs, clients may apply to the Chapter’s Financial Assistance Program for help to pay for the repair of their equipment. Another option would be for clients to apply to the Oregon Chapter’s Medical Equipment Program for replacement equipment.
If you need the equipment for an indefinite period of time, please complete the Medical Equipment Program Application. Submit the form to the Chapter, along with a statement of diagnosis from your neurologist or primary care doctor (if you do not have a neurologist), along with a prescription for the specific equipment needed. If the Chapter has the equipment in inventory, it will be provided to you.

For More Information
Contact one of our MS Navigators at 1-800-344-4867 opt 1
Additional resources for medical equipment:


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