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The Oregon Chapter works to improve the quality of life for people affected by MS in Oregon and Southwestern Washington and raise funds for critical MS research. Join the movement toward a world free of MS.


  1. Volunteerism

    Professional Volunteer

    A professional volunteer is a volunteer who does one or more of the following:

    • Takes charge of a project, program, event, training, or serves on a committee
    • Shares their professional skills in areas such as finance, technology, law, graphic design, marketing, etc. 
    • Coordinates their assignment and is accountable for its success
    • Communicates the details of their assignment and serves as a resource for other volunteers
    • Organizes, leads and inspires volunteers before, during and after their assignment
    • May initiate new projects



    Janis Kramer
  2. Fundraising Events

    Bike MS Volunteer Positions

    Event Dates: September 22-24, 2023

    Set-up: Set-up volunteers will assist with unloading of supplies from delivery trucks, hang banners and signs, place directional arrows and signage in and around rider village, set up the hydration station, and decorate, decorate, decorate.

    Registration: Check in participants, collect waivers, retrieves their rider packet (bibs, wrist bands, etc.), their t-shirt or jersey and their prize voucher. Must be friendly and quick-thinking. Welcome participants and be ready to answer questions. Training is provided and is built into the volunteer shift and there will be a mandatory training prior to the event.

    Rider Village Support: Support volunteers are the backbone of Rider Village. Volunteers will be assisting with a number of tasks that can include monitoring a water station at the finish line, watching over the bike corral, assisting with trash pick-up and restocking of restroom supplies, cheering at the finish line, answering questions , and handing out route maps at the information tent just to name a few.

    Critical Intersections: Very important role that keeps our riders safe and having fun. Stationed along the route at key safety areas, volunteers will alert and notify riders of any upcoming traffic hazards or areas where riders should dismount.

    Rest Stop Support: Rest Stop volunteers will be positioned at pre-designated rest stops along the route. Volunteers will help organize supplies, help with the set-up and tear-down of the tent, chairs, tables and food. Most rest stops will also have a HAM radio volunteer and a first aid volunteer...say hello and introduce yourself. Not only will participants be coming by your rest stop, but other volunteers will as well. We will have plenty of food on hand, so please share your stock with riders and all volunteers. Each rest stop will have a seasoned rest stop captain. They will help answer questions and guide you through your day.

    SAG Driver: As a part of the SAG (Support and Gear) Team, volunteers will drive a rented van along the route providing road side assistance to participants who are in need of transport to the nearest rest stop or back to rider village. SAG’s will also assist with general course safety including replacing missing signage, delivering supplies to rest stops, or tracking down lost cyclists. Each SAG vehicle will also include one volunteer HAM radio operator who will be monitoring the event.

    Medical/First Aid: Provide basic first aid to participants, staff, and volunteers as needed. Safety training will be provide at check-in. Locations—Rider Village and at rest stops on the route. First aid volunteers will be in constant contact with HAM radio operators and will be able to dispatch for additional care if needed.

    HAM/Communications: HAM radio operators will be positioned at Western Oregon University, at specific rest stops along the route, and in each SAG vehicle. Operators will monitor the event for safety throughout the course of the event weekend.

    Start/Finish Line Crew: Cheer on, congratulate and thank cyclists as they lead into and cross the finish line. The final shift on Saturday is especially important as we have lots of riders who come in later in the day!

    Hydration Crew: The Hydration Crew is responsible for stocking and serving water, electrolytes, and sports drinks to all participants including riders, staff, volunteers, family and friends. Drive a Kubota around Rider Village as you restock! Volunteers should be able to lift heavy water containers. Also be responsible for monitoring trash and recycling at the designated areas.

    Meal Service: Assist WOU staff with set-up of tables (Sat dinner and Sun BBQ). There will be no cooking involved. Assist with the clean-up process.

    Clean-Up Crew: Support event host volunteers/staff leads as needed, Keep an eye the trash cans; replace any bags that are getting ¾ full - We recycle! Consolidate all of the supplies, consolidate all non-perishable unused food items, load the supply truck, and fold up all tables and chairs.

    For more information, contact

    McMinnville, OR97128
    Jill Naughton
  3. Volunteerism

    District Activist Leader

    Have you met with your elected official and shared how MS affects you? Are you interested in growing this relationship to keep people with MS are front of mind as he or she considers legislation? Lead the way in your community by becoming a volunteer District Activist Leader.

    As a District Activist Leader, you will build and foster critical relationships with the elected officials in your legislative district. You will serve as a liaison between these officials and the Society, helping to develop a reliable grassroots movement across the state and the country.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Take a leadership role in engaging with elected officials via multiple avenues to help foster a relationship between MS activists and elected officials.
    • Collaborate with your State’s Government Relations Committee
    • Attend MS State Action Days and/or Public Policy Conference when possible
    • Receive elected official’s email/mail communications
    • Monitor and track the elected official’s district activities and public events
    • Attend town hall meetings and other public forums to engage on issues that impact people affected by MS
    • Help build the MS movement’s profile of elected officials by providing key biographical data and information to Society government relations staff
    • Conduct in-district legislative visits when needed
    • Complete on-going training
    • Raise awareness of MS policy issues by utilizying multiple media strategies


    • Responsible and reliable
    • Able to communicate respectfully and use good judgment
    • Able to represent MS movement position on local, state and federal issues
    • Comfortable with public speaking
    • Strong Interpersonal skills
    • Strong leadership and organizational skills
    • Good note-taking and ablity to follow-up
    • Basic computer skills (Microsoft Word and Excel, internet)
    • Interest in growing Social Media skills to connect with elected officials
    • Able to travel to and from district meetings/events

    Time Commitment:

    This is an ongoing position requiring a time commitment of approximately 10-15 hours per month (some months more and some months less depending on legislative cycles) for a minimum of two years. Regular calls and meetings with Society government relations staff will be required to discuss progress and strategize next steps. (in-person or by phone).

    Education and Support:

    Training and support will be provided by Society staff as well as other volunteer leaders


    To volunteer, complete a volunteer registration form.  A regional Advocacy staff member will contact you with next steps.


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