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Board of Trustees


The chapter’s Board of Trustees is an elected group of volunteers with legal and fiduciary responsibilities for overseeing chapter goals, business operations, and focus in implementing the Society’s strategic response to MS.


2014 Board of Trustees

William Shrader
Immediate Past Chair
Todd J. Shill, Esq.
Vice Chairs
Ronald J. Drnevich
Garrett F. Gallia, Esq.
Grant W. Hummer
Brian D. Kauffman, PE
Kristina A. Pae
Lynn E. Knepp
Rhonda M. Weaver, Esq.
Alice K. Angino
Bernard M. Banas, Jr.
Deana M. Cassillo
Christie Corado
Soni Dimond
Craig C. Flemmens
Michael R. Floyd
Max J. Hempt
Sylvia D. Hepler
Kim Lemon
Diane E. Madras
Jeffrey A. Martin
Michael R. Pavone
Larry Reich
Patricia A. Sheehan
Thomas J. Sposito
Gary Thomas, M.D.


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