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Board of Trustees


The Board of Trustees is an elected group of volunteers responsible for ensuring the Society achieves its mission and fulfills its strategic plan by engaging the community, building MS awareness, expanding financial resources, and bring others into the MS movement.


Joan Campasano-Hoover


Brian Kauffman, PE

Vice Chair & Governance Committee Chair

Kristina Pae

Vice Chair & Community Engagement Committee Chair

Anne Mageras

Chapter President


Michael Arnold

Gina Baird

Sandra Bettor

David Betts

Scott Conley

Arthur J. DiDonato, Jr.

Marcie Fitzgerald

Lindsay Fouse

Garrett F. Gallia, Esq.

Bryan Golden

Joshua Haft

Max J. Hempt

Rock Heyman, M.D.

Michael Hoffman

Jerry Hogenmiller, Esq.

Ryan Huet

Bruce Jackson

Geoffrey Kelly

Stacy Klann

Lynn Knepp

Diane Kramer

Jeffrey A. Martin

Pamela McCallum, Esq.

Douglas Miner, Esq.

Michelle Mioduszewski

Jordan Moskal

Candace Sarris

Thomas Scott, M.D.

William Shrader

Nancy Weiland

Gary Thomas, M.D.

Trustee Emeritus

Lou Weiss

Ellie Bernstein

Robert Bernstein, Esq.

Roberta Sciulli-Carlson

Thomas Wright, Esq.

Samuel Zacharias

Grant W. Hummer

Nominations for the Board of Trustees

If you would like to nominate someone for the Western Pennsylvania Chapter's Board of Trustees, please contact Chapter President Anne Mageras at or at 412-261-6347. All nominees will be considered by the Chapter's Governance Committee. Nominees that are approved by the committee will then be voted on by the full Western Pennsylvania Chapter's Board of Trustees.


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