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Board of Trustees


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Andrew Forsdick

Board Chair

Debra Locker Griffin

Governance Committee Chair

Scott Thompson

Community Engagement Chair

David Haddock

Chapter President


Ann Andis

Mary Ayers

Dr. David Brandes

Kevin Broderick

Carl Buchanon

Yvette Cabrera-Rojas

Brett Corbin

Aimee Cousoulis

Theresa Danner

Melissa Feinbaum

Michael Freiburg

Julie Garrison

Kirk Grable

Pam Grimes

Lela Hollabaugh

Eben Hollingsworth

Fred Keller

Maura Lipp, MD

Andrea Lindsley

Alison Malone

Brian Mattioni

Lance Oxley

Nick Papachristou

Jenna Parrett

Joanne Passon

Tyler Perkins

Bo Perkinson

Abbie Quiocho

Taylor Riley

Judy Seramur

Rick Sexton

Diane Somers

Karen Stone

Terri Tilghman-Douglas

Dale Underwood

Corinna Wyss

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