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Educate the Media


Your voice as an MS activist is amplified by connecting with the media to tell your story and talk about issues that are important to you. Learn more:
  • A letter to the editor of your community paper is an easy way to share how MS has affected your life—and call others to action. Write a persuasive letter—be brief, thoughtful and polite—including the specific action you want the editor and/or others to take. Editors are mostly likely to publish a letter no longer than 150-250 words. Remember to include your full name and address.
  • A call to your local talk radio show will go more smoothly if you write out what you want to say in advance. Keep dialing until you get through—then share how MS has affected your life. Be clear and concise about the point you want to make—with a positive attitude (speak with a smile on your face). Don’t engage in argument. Say what you want to say, then say "thank you for listening" and hang up.
  • Social media is “media” too—it’s just user-generated. Learn how to leverage this important media for advocacy today.

Advocacy Contact

Do you have questions about our advocacy program?

Simone Nichols-Segers

Government Activism Coordinator, Texas


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