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Financial Planning



    1. Society Services: PlanningWise Program for Financial, Career, and Life Planning

      PlanningWise is a one-on-one dynamic career, financial, and life planning program from the National MS Society that helps people living with MS evaluate and plan their career path and financial future.


    1. Websites: Texas State Tax Exemptions for People with Disabilities

      Information on state tax exemptions available for those living with disabilities.

    2. Teleconference Series: Financial Planning

      This teleconference provides introductory information on personal-needs and financial planning tools available and the processes for using these services.

      (recorded: 9 Feb 2011; time/size: 41m24s/8.68MB)

    3. Documents: Affordable Accessible Housing

      We offer a guide to help families living with MS evaluate their housing needs and better understand the range of options available to them.

    4. Websites: GreenPath University and Debt Solutions

      Offers educational courses developed by GreenPath financial counselors to provide you with unique, easy-to-use money management tools. Initial consultation is free.

    5. Websites: Financial Education Partners

      The National MS Society has partnered with Financial Education Partners to provide financial planning services to those living with MS. Financial Education Partners will assist you in finding a credentialed financial professional near you.

    6. Teleconference Series: Stages of Saving & Investing

      This teleconference covers the fundamentals of making investment decisions and the process of determining your portfolio's progress.

      (recorded: 2004; time/size: 52m31s/60.1MB)

    7. Teleconference Series: The First Rule of Successful Investing

      This teleconference covers the basics of beginning investing, including determining one's goals and then creating a plan to meet those goals.

      Download the accompanying documentation.

      (recorded: 2002; time/size: 57m20ss/65.6MB)


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