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Become a Movement Ambassador. Inspire. Educate. Move.


Educating and engaging thousands of people in the movement to end MS is a big job and the National MS Society can’t do it alone. That’s why we are recruiting volunteers for our Movement Ambassador Program.

What is a Movement Ambassador?

Simply put, Movement Ambassadors are people who want to do something now to end MS and are passionate about engaging other people in the movement. Movement Ambassadors are people connected to MS in some way, whether by living with the disease, participating in our events, volunteering or donating to our organization. Individuals in each one of these groups has a story to tell and can be a part of our mission!

How do Movement Ambassadors help?

The primary role of Movement Ambassadors is to engage others. Movement Ambassadors can do a wide range of awareness activities from simply talking to someone about your involvement with the National MS Society to manning information tables at local health fairs and providing presentations to community groups. Movement Ambassadors act as an army of people spreading awareness about MS and the National MS Society in our local community.

How can I become a Movement Ambassador?

Interested volunteers will be trained to be spokespersons representing the Chapter and will be provided with all needed guidelines and materials.

For more information or to put your name on the list to be notified of the next training,  please conatct Deborah Richards at 804-591-3034 or 


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