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When MS Activists work together, we get results.

Success happens when people with MS and those connected to the cause speak out on issues important to them, ask for change, and work with public officials to address them in a positive way.

Thanks to MS Activists in the Greater Northwest, we have successfully...

  • 2015: Ensured for robust funding for state programs that support accessible transportation options in communities across Washington State.
  • 2014: Partnered with the Montana Commissioner of Securities and Insurance to ensure access to MS drugs by addressing high out-of-pocket costs.
  • 2014: Protected disabled parking for people with MS in Washington State by focusing on enforcement rather than limiting parking privileges for legitimate users.
  • 2013: Prevented Washington insurance companies from dropping MS drugs from their formularies.
  • 2012: Avoided budget cuts that would have eliminated health care for hundreds of people living with MS in Washington.
  • 2012: In Alaska, passed HB 218, which allows more consistency in pricing for prescription medications.
  • 2012: Pushed regulations that ensured insurance plans would cover MS drugs.
  • 2011: Passed legislation in Washington that makes it easier for physicians who specialize in MS care to get their full medical license.
  • 2010: Passed legislation that lowers the cost of expensive durable medical equipment in Washington.

Expect to hear more success stories as we move closer to a world free of MS!

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