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August 2016

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Bike MS Participant Spotlight: Nancy Dressel

WAS_2016_eNews-Aug16-BikeMS-thumbThere are legions of Bike MS participants who live, and ride, with MS, despite challenges such as fatigue or weakness. Nancy Dressel, who was diagnosed in 1990 at age 35, leads her Bike MS team, Crankin’ for a Cure, from her recumbent bicycle.

"The riders just blow me away," explains Nancy. "They’re out there cranking up to 150 miles and before that, they’re knocking on people’s doors for donations, and some of them don’t even know anyone with MS. I’ve had grown men get down on their knees to face me on my recumbent bike and say, 'tell me your story.' It chokes me up."

Find a Bike MS event near you, and ride, volunteer or donate in honor of your neighbors affected by MS.


Gut bacteria differ in people with MS

WAS_2016_eNews-Aug16-Research-thumbHarvard researchers found significant differences between the gut bacteria of people with MS and without MS, and also between treated and untreated people with MS. This study adds to growing evidence of the possible influence of gut bacteria on immune activity. Further study is needed to determine whether alterations in the gut microbiome play a role in MS disease activity, or are a consequence of it.

Additional research in this area includes the Society-funded MS Microbiome Consortium, a comprehensive analysis of gut bacteria in people with MS to determine factors that may drive progression and to develop probiotic strategies for stopping progression.

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We’ve teamed up with Charity Miles!

WAS_2016_eNews-Aug16-charity-miles-thumbEvery time you go out to walk your dog, wheel through the park, visit a coffee shop or ride your bike, you can help the Society earn money for vital research programs and services. Visit and download the app. Open the app, select “National MS Society” and get moving.


Tips from Alaska State Senator Dennis Egan

WAS_2016_eNews-Aug16-SenEgan-thumbAlaska State Senator, Dennis Egan, has a long history of public service. Whether it’s his time as Juneau mayor, assembly member, planning commissioner or member of the Juneau Chamber of Commerce, he has a dynamic history of involvement in his community. The Senator also lives with MS. Read about his thoughts on connecting with his constituents and how to make the most of a visit.


Contact us if you are interested in connecting with your elected officials. We are here to support you with talking points and guidance so you can have the most effective visit possible.

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