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March 2015

Master Page Does Not Exist

March is a very special month at the National MS Society as we rally nationwide to raise MS awareness. We are unwavering in our commitment to be at the forefront of building awareness for multiple sclerosis and everyone affected by it. MS Awareness Week starts tomorrow—please join us!

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Why do you connect?


It's MS Awareness Week!The connections you make every day have the opportunity to change the world for people affected by MS. This week, take action to help others learn more about MS and what they can do to make a difference. Spread the word; visit to create your own connection image and share it with your network.


Bladder and bowel symptoms


About 85% of people with MS are likely to experience bladder and bowel problems. The fear of accidents can make people with MS stay at home and give up their outside activities. But, these symptoms can usually be managed successfully with lifestyle modifications, medications, physical therapy and/or nerve stimulation procedures.


Exercise and MS


In addition to being essential to general health and well-being, exercise is helpful in managing many MS symptoms. Read about how Society-funded researchers are searching for evidence that exercise can improve cognitive function.

  • New preliminary evidence of the potential benefits of exercise for improving cognition in people living with MS was published last month. Read more.
  • Locally, a team of researchers from the University of Washington are testing whether aerobic exercise or stretching and toning can improve thinking speed in people with MS. Read more.

Patty Murray: 2014 Senator of the Year

Sen. Patty Murray

We are pleased to announce that Washington's own Senator Patty Murray will be awarded the Society's highest honor for elected officials: Senator of the Year. Because her father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was 15 years old, Murray is now a staunch advocate for families affected by MS. Thank you, Senator Murray, and congratulations!

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Master Page Does Not Exist


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Master Page Does Not Exist
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