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May 2016

Master Page Does Not Exist

"All things seem possible in May" – Edwin Way Teale. This May we’re wrapping up the Walk MS season, hosting our first Bike MS ride of the year in Alaska, and joining the global MS community in raising awareness on World MS Day! For other Society news and activities, visit or

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May is Bike to Work Month

WAS_2016_eNews-May16-BikeMS-thumbHappy Bike to Work Month! We’re kicking off the Idaho, Montana and Washington Bike MS season with 50% off registration throughout May with the discount code BIKE2WORK! Sign up now at to participate in the May 16-30 recruitment challenge and win some great prizes.

Why Bike MS? Because it’s more than just a ride! It’s an experience grounded in camaraderie and marked by passion, inspiration, determination and pure enjoyment. Each pedal stroke helps us reach our goal—a world free of MS. Register today (don’t forget the BIKE2WORK discount)!


Bike MS: Hope to a Cure – May 21

WAS_2016_eNews-May16-BikeMS-thumbBike MS: Hope to a Cure is on Saturday, May 21. The ride is just over two and a half weeks away and we want to see you there! Accept the challenge and enjoy full meals, generous amenities, stunning landscapes, fully stocked rest stops and spirited festivities back at Rider Village!


Walk MS superhero: Kendall

WAS_WLK_2016_Kendall-Walk-hero-thumb Kendall was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis when she was in college, a couple years after noticing a “strange numbness” in her legs. With a mother who also lives with MS, she was no stranger to the symptoms, but now she had to travel her own road with MS.

"The lesson I've learned is to be open to what the experience can teach me; even if it doesn't feel very positive at the time. Although my experience with MS has been difficult, even devastating at times, in many ways I feel truly grateful for my experience with it."

Read the rest of Kendall’s story.


Over $25 million invested in new research projects

ResearchThe Society recently committed over $25 million to support an expected 60 new MS research projects, as well as 7 MS clinical training awards as a part of a comprehensive strategy aimed at stopping MS, restoring function that has been lost, and ending the disease forever.

Just a few of the new cutting-edge research projects include:

  • an ambitious project at Harvard and the University of California, San Francisco that tracks a group of people with MS over time and creates a platform to enable researchers worldwide to identify factors that drive MS progression;
  • a clinical trial in Germany and the U.S. testing an online program to treat MS-related depression to increase wellness;
  • a study at Ohio State University looking at whether low vitamin D in early life increases the risk of developing MS;
  • and a Collaborative MS Center at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota focusing on whether abnormal energy production in nerve cells contributes to nerve degeneration, and strategies to correct it in MS.

The Society is also launching 7 clinical training awards to increase the number of MS specialists who can provide the highest quality of care to people with MS.


New wellness resources online

WAS_2016_eNews-May16-Yoga-thumbAre you looking for a more holistic approach to MS treatment? Are you looking for more information on what you can do today—particularly related to diet, exercise, and emotional wellness—to feel and function at your best? The Society is here to help! We’ve added new wellness resources to the “Living Well with MS” section of the website. New articles have been posted about Yoga and MS, Sleep and MS, MS and Smoking, Diet and MS and more!

Living Well with MS

World MS Day – May 25

WAS_2016_WorldMSDay-logoLet’s celebrate all the ways that people affected by MS maintain independence on May 25, World MS Day! How you can participate:

  • Tell the world how you’re independent—Share your photos and stories on social media using the hashtag #strongerthanMS. Your posts will be featured on the World MS Day social media page.
  • Shout about MS—World MS Day is the perfect time to shout about MS and to try and create positive change for everyone affected by MS. The World MS Day website has plenty of tools to help you campaign and raise awareness about employment, independence, access or anything else that is important for people with MS.


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