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Professional Careers in MS


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A professional career in the field of multiple sclerosis (MS) can be intellectually stimulating, satisfying and inspiring! Much has been learned about MS over the past 30 years, with over a dozen FDA-approved disease-modifying treatments and many effective rehabilitation strategies now available. However the etiology remains elusive, and while treatments are very effective for many – they do not cure MS.

Promising research is underway around the world to accelerate our understanding and clinical management of this often devastating disease. Explore the career possibilities below and contact us for more information.

Clinical Care

Become part of a multi-disciplinary healthcare team


Focus on research or combine with clinical practice

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Why MS Clinical Practice and Research

Renowned researchers Anthony Feinstein, MD, PhD; John DeLuca, PhD; Charles Bombardier, PhD; and Frederick Foley, PhD, discuss how and why they got into multiple sclerosis research and clinical practice and what they enjoy about it - in terms of research and treatment related to cognition, mood, exercise and more.

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