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Diagnostic Workup


Diagnostic workup for patients with suspected demyelinating disease: testing options

Download a summary of testing options (.pdf) for your patients with suspected demyelination disease

See prototypical MRI findings in MS (.pdf)

  • When viewing this PDF, there will be notes about the MRIs being shown in the upper left corner of each page — just click on the small icon to view.  This is best done in Internet Explorer and Firefox.  Google Chrome is not able to properly display the PDF annotations.

If you are using Google Chrome, please access the Power Point version through the link below:

See prototypical MRI findings in MS (.ppt)

See Revised (2015) Recommendations of the CMSC Task Force for the Standardized MRI Protocol and Clinical Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Follow-Up of Multiple Sclerosis

Read the FDA’s Safety Communication about gadolinium contrast agents

See "Addressing Concerns Regarding the use of Gadolinium in a Standardized MRI Protocol for the Diagnosis and Follow-up of Multiple Sclerosis"
Note: Pending the review and update of these guidelines in 2017, the authors recommend the use of gadolinium under the following circumstances:

  • in patients presenting with a first clinical attack (CIS) to faciliate early diagnosis
  • in patients with highly active disease
  • in a patient whose condition is declining rapidly and unexplained
  • in a patient where the diagnosis is uncertain

See the FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA evaluating the risk of brain deposits with repeated use of gadolinium-based contrast agents for MRI






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