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Tremor and other Movement Disorders


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Symptom: Involuntary rhythmical movements of the trunk, limbs, head and/or vocal cords


  • Tremor, the most common movement disorder in MS, can be the least treatable and most debilitating symptom of MS. Other movement disorders seen in MS include: tonic spasms (spasticity), focal dystonia, focal/segmental myoclonus, chorea, parkinsonism and restless leg syndrome.



  • Referral to PT for balance/coordination exercises; Referral to OT for tools; weights on limbs, eating or writing utensils

Medications: (success may be minimal but all can be tried)

  • propranolol clonazepam, hydroxyzine, primidone, isoniazid, topiramate, buspirone, ondansetron, gabapentin


Psychosocial Implication

  • Loss of control—severe tremor is a major threat to independence
  • Increased fatigue caused by medications


Resources for patients