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Live CE Opportunities:

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On-demand CE Opportunities:

  1. Adaptive Driving Modifications

    The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is offering two FREE introductory level online CE courses to help healthcare professionals understand automotive mobility options and solutions for patients with disabilities.

  2. Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice

    Practical, evidence-based guidance on diagnosis and treatment for the most common disorders seen in clinical practice – written in a uniquely reader-friendly manner.

  3. Advancing the Role of the Nurse in the Management of MS in Rural Areas

    This online curriculum provides up-to-date information related to the comprehensive care of people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) in rural areas.

  4. AOTA's virtual ECHO Series®

  5. Clients with MS: Do No Harm (on-demand)

    People of all races, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations live with MS. This free virtual CE course is taught by psychologists who are recognized for their expertise in MS, disability and integrative healthcare.

  6. Empowerment of Clients Living With Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    This webinar focuses on culturally sensitive, strength-based interventions to increase resiliency and enable clients with MS to better self-manage and more fully participate in their healthcare and family, community, and work life.

  7. Intro to MS for Fitness and Wellness Professionals

    Free online training course for fitness and wellness professionals, including aquatics instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers, and others who want to learn more about MS. The course provides an overview of the disease and offers specific strategies for working with a diverse MS population.

  8. MS and Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Approach to Care

    MS and Rehabilitation: A Comprehensive Approach to Care is an on-demand webinar series targeted to rehabilitation providers (OTs, PTs, SLPs). The rehabilitation series covers MS pathophysiology, medical management, and symptom management of the disease, rehabilitation neurological assessment and intervention and recommended exercises, and an overview of the National MS Society and related community resources.

  9. MS TeamWorks

    MS TeamWorks is a series of “TED Talk”-style videos for diverse audiences including patients, professionals, family care partners, researchers, media, and others interested in learning about MS.

  10. Multiple Sclerosis: Disease Overview for Emergency Department Providers

    This activity was created by the National MS Society’s South-Central Healthcare Provider Council, and it is the consensus of the Council and recent research, that the care of patients with MS in emergency settings is not ideal and could be improved through education. The activity will be a video webinar presentation for physicians and other medical personnel who may encounter MS patients in an emergency center setting. This will allow on-demand completion by many providers.


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