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Partners in MS Care


Specialty care for MS

Partners in MS Care are healthcare providers — such as neurologists, physical therapists, mental health providers, urologists, neuro-ophthalmologists and long-term care providers — who have demonstrated knowledge and expertise in treating people with MS. These providers have a relationship with the National MS Society which helps connect their patients to the information, resources and support available to assist them in living their best lives.

Centers for Comprehensive MS Care

Centers for Comprehensive MS Care can also be a Partner in MS Care.  Centers for Comprehensive MS Care address the needs of those living with MS through coordinated multi-disciplinary care—from medical, to psycho-social and rehabilitation service—to provide exceptional MS care.

Value of becoming a Partner in MS Care

Through increased collaboration between healthcare providers and the Society, health care providers receive streamlined access to programs, services and resources for their patients and their practice including:

For people affected by MS
  • Access to professionals with a focus on MS care
  • Direct referrals to MS Navigators for information and assistance
  • Healthcare providers with a thorough understanding of available publications, resources, programs and services for patients
For medical professionals
  • Increased awareness of Society services and resources
  • Networking opportunities with other medical professionals
  • Information and resources including print materials
  • Recognition as an “expert” in the field of MS and on the Society's website
  • Referrals from MS Navigators and the Society’s website
  • Continuing education opportunities including scholarships
  • Speaking opportunities throughout the community

How do I become a Partner in MS Care?

Partners in MS Care go through a review process where their knowledge and expertise in MS is vetted by a committee of their peers. To become a Partner in MS Care, the provider must demonstrate they meet the criteria set forth.  Core elements of the criteria are required by all providers and include:
  • Minimum of 20% of patients treated are diagnosed with MS and/ or another neurologic, chronic illness
  • Minimum of 2 years clinical experience
  • Practice evidence based care
  • Relationship with the Society
  • Communication and collaboration with other clinicians who are treating your patient with MS
  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • Office meets basic accessibility standards
In addition, providers must demonstrate they meet knowledge and expertise criteria specific to the type of healthcare provider they are. 

To learn more about how to become a Partner in MS Care, contact the Society at


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