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Request For Applications


RFA: Generating Knowledge and Tools to Address Compartmentalized Inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis

The National MS Society is pleased to announce the release of a new Request for Applications focusing on Generating Knowledge and Tools to Address Compartmentalized Inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis, intended to support research that advances our Pathways to Cures Roadmap. 

This RFA is open to not-for-profit academic research institutions worldwide. 
Purpose of this RFA
This initiative will support projects generating fundamental knowledge, technologies, and model systems to lay the groundwork for future treatments for MS that target compartmentalized inflammation.
  • Addressing knowledge gaps around the formation and maintenance of compartmentalized inflammation
  • Developing the tools researchers need to model compartmentalized inflammation in a preclinical setting and to validate targets for translation into therapeutic approaches
Areas of high interest include:
  • Pathophysiology of compartmentalized inflammation including:
    • Processes driving the formation and maintenance of compartmentalized inflammation
    • Role and regulation of innate and adaptive immune cell populations
    • The role of glial cell populations
    • Effector mechanisms that result in cell and tissue loss in this setting
    • Potential contribution of race/ethnicity to compartmentalized inflammation
  • Model systems (in vitro and in vivo) that capture aspects of compartmentalized inflammation based on disease pathology
  • Biomarkers for monitoring compartmentalized inflammation with potential translation to the clinic, including imaging, blood and CSF based approaches
  • Proof of concept studies testing new potential therapeutic pathways or targets
Areas not supported include:
  • Studies focused on prevention of acute inflammatory lesion formation
  • Proposals that require building new long-term resources: patient cohorts, repositories, etc.
Funding: A total of up to $600,000 USD direct cost for up to three years of support will be provided and must be justified based on the scientific and development work plan. Funded grants will begin on or about October 1, 2022. Eligibility
Applicants should possess an M.D., Ph.D. or equivalent and be considered eligible by their institution to apply for grant support. Postdoctoral fellows, residents and other trainees are not eligible to apply.

A brief pre-application is required to determine if a proposal is aligned with the objectives of the RFA. Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with Society scientific staff prior to submitting a proposal (see contact information below). Upon review of pre-applications by staff, applicants proposing work that is aligned with the RFA objectives will be invited to submit full applications.

  • Pre-application Deadline: 5:00 pm Eastern Time, March 23, 2022
  • Full application Deadline: 5:00 pm Eastern Time, March 30, 2022
Applicants are encouraged to contact research staff for more information about this RFA:

For more information, please contact:
Mark Allegretta, PhD
Walt Kostich     
Senior Director, Translational Research



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